Why are people so outraged when Trump tells a lie? Politicians lie anyway, overall?

May I remind you of one Halbe Zijlstra.Who knows you know him: He was a group chairman of the VVD under Rutte II and later Minister of Foreign Affairs under Rutte III. He was one of the most prominent politicians in the Netherlands. Now he’s gone. Why? Because he lied. Halbe said that in a meeting at Putin at home he had heard him talk about his imperialist intentions. Halbe turned out to be there at all. Everyone angry and Halbe stepping on.

And rightly so: this was a very bad lie, especially for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.But… This was 1 lie, and then another with a core of truth (there was someone at that meeting: not Halbe, but then director of Shell Jeroen van de Veer).

Were you outraged by Halbes lie?Yeah, sure, and that’s fine. Now think that there are still six other, equally large, lies, and every day eight more are coming. That’s Donald Trump. And there are people outraged by it.

It’s just how you look at it.I dare say that no politician has proclaimed so many lies unpunished as just Trump. And I think you’re mistaken when you say people are so outraged when Trump tells a lie. It is more that people object to the deluge of untruths and baseless accusations that he is pouring out over the world.

Yes, research indicates that we (almost) all lie.And politicians and bankers and insurers and advertising people, who have to have it all from what they can ‘ sell ‘ are, of course, more inclined to go here and there somewhat lightly with the truth to jump. They do that because it works. If they don’t tell them that their policy, their bank, their car insurance and their soap you just give that little bit more than that of another, then we don’t want it. Of politicians, you could even say that whoever is the most good is the furthest. It used to be lying so lying that the chance that it was as small as possible, but now is skillful lying in the US apparently so lying that as many people as possible believe it.

It is true that politicians and diplomats are paid liars.

But the enormity of what Trump and his Regerung afford is beyond all imagination.

Messages are disseminated as truth, based on incomplete or totally inaccurate information.In itself, no disaster, to even Jan modal, or the Anerikian counterpart, can easily ascertain that the information is based on erroneous facts.

The disadvantage is, however, that his fans do not do so, and that they defend the ‘ truth ‘ of their hero with hand and tooth unbridled and simply.There is no other politician in America who has managed to do so, so how to deal with it has not been established.

But it’s not just about lies.There was always a rivalry between red and blue. Both sides will do everything to defend their vision and make the other side black. That has been so from the very beginning. It’s supposed to be there.

The selective indignation that Trump is getting is separate from what he says.For part of the nation, Trump is just the personification of the white man, filled with testosterone (aka ‘ Angry White Man) and who is wrong. Not that Trump does it all so well, and he would definitely have to stay off with his fikken of Twitter, but I still remember the footage of howling, sometimes even screeching, deug girls on TV because Trump had won. Hysterical scenes, even before he was in the White House. Since then, everything in these people has been focused on destroying him.

It is currently no different at Baudet in the Netherlands.Every word, every sigh is laid under a magnifying glass and torn out of its connection. Does IE make everything smart? No. Of course, I would almost say. But also here a battery runs to people who have a certain social image in mind where masculine men (or women who do appreciate it) have no place in it. And if someone is still sticking his head above the ground, the hunt is open.

The freedom to find what you want and to say what you want applies to everyone, provided you are left-footing enough.

Trump is clearly not, and so from the start the hunt is open to him.

The difference with Trump is that he doesn’t just lie.It is that he himself does not try to make it sound truthful.

Most politicians lie, but at least try to knock their story.Because of this, they eventually get stuck in a web of their own lies. Most politicians at least try to get honest about it.

But Trump simply does not withdraw from it.He tells 1 thing, tells the opposite a few days later, and then simply claims that he never said the first.

People at least like the illusion/hope that their political leaders tell the truth.Trump doesn’t even have that illusion. He’s lying about so much that you have to question everything he says.

Agree.For example, the EU is the biggest lie of BV Nederland.

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