Why are Nazi songs in the Netherlands taboo, but communist struggle songs not?

Because the communists did not attack the Netherlands while the Netherlands had already indicated that they wanted to remain neutral, the Nazis did.

Because the Communists did not kill 200,000 Dutchmen, the Nazis did.

A major group of the resistance fighters against the Nazi dominance were the communists.

Learn your history…

Because the Nazis kept our country occupied for 5 years, and a quarter of a million Dutch people died.However, the death toll due to communism is particularly low in the Netherlands.

Communism has caused a lot of misery, but is not as dangerous as fascism.Of course, Stalin was just such a big scum as Hitler. We have had little to deal with that. And there are simply no examples of ‘ milder ‘ fascism.

The message must always remain that fascism should never come back.

It is important that you keep a sharp eye on the difference between the communist ideal and various communist regimes.Communist regimes have caused a lot of misery, but that is not decided in communist ideology, but in their views on how to achieve the Communist ideal.

Just as much as we are not blaming Catholicism for the wrongdoings that Catholic regimes have committed-it would be more logical from our own history to prohibit Catholic songs.

Communism is not violent in the core, no one closes and does not want to kill anyone at all.In fact, communism strives for equality of people worldwide. So In principle there is not so much wrong with it, it is the elaboration of regimes where things go wrong.

Nazism want to have about everyone dead, or at least suppress-except the own group.And violence within that ideology is not only promoted as a means, but even glorified.

Communists have sometimes played a bad and sometimes a good role in the Netherlands.In the interwar period, Communists attempted to start a rebellion-which hardly had any effect, in the Second World War many communists were active in the resistance.

As a Dutch, We have suffered less from communists than from Nazis.

And finally, the communist songs we know in the Netherlands are rather or also socialist.And that is a fully democratic political movement that we have a lot to thank in our history. So let’s keep the international from full breast sing!

Because Nazis discriminate on the grounds of faith sexual preference and racial, and Communismenite.Nazi songs are thus rejected against article 1 of the Constitution.

0mthat our country has been occupied by the Nazis, not by the communists.I have been in Latvia and have had a date with what people can talk about. Latvia has been occupied by the Communists and freed from it by the Nazis. Those people have a somewhat different perspective than we do. What I have learned from this is to distrust any kind of “ism”, any kind of authority based on unproven dogmas. Show me the evidence, neatly obtained in the scientific way

So it was in those times.Communists were seen as better. Nonsense of course. Do Communnists did as if they were better. Total nonsense.

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