Why are narcissists lacking empathy?

🙂 since I am not a trained psychologist, I can only pass on my own ideas on this subject, based on my previous experiences, which I have been able to gather with one or the other narcissist in my life (.. or- and the inevitably accumulated knowledge about/about the subject of NPS.

therefore… since spiritual science does not seem to be entirely in agreement here, there is the question “Why are narcissists lacking empathy” ? different views.

1.) The onefaction, swears that this loss of empathy, due to various traumatic experiences of childhood. so there were incisive experiences that took place in infancy. either too little love and attention was shown to the child… or possibly to MUCH love and attention???- this is also an option…

Meaning – the child was completely pamperedby one parent ( mother ), by the other part ( father) but permanently devalued due to nullities, harassed or otherwise injured.

It could of course also be that only one parent was responsible for the traumatisation ( .. so that, for example, only the mother took on the role of praise and devaluation ) and the child always felt insecure… it was therefore not at all able to build up a healthy self-love oralso could not develop a sufficient ability for empathy..???

2.) The other group – be careful not to know that the absence orthe lack of empathy could also be related to genetics – or at least play a certain role there.

However, a game of both variants would also be possible

Perhaps the role model of a narcissistic parent was simply adopted?

Say… the child, who had massive narcissistic abuse in mind every day, has unconsciously incorporated it into his development?

Through the interplay of genetics, and the pre-existing behavior of narcissism in the family – the child was inevitably accustomed to narcissistic behavioralpatterns, and the already genetic tendency to narcissism, so naturally enormously promoted. would also be a possibility..

How it really happened. respectively.which buttons had to be pressed to generate an empathic being from an innocent child … unfortunately, the narcissists sometimes donot know the same r. so deeply anchored is this trauma. .. so deeply hides the injuries..

Only long-term therapy could shed at least a little light on this. uncover small parts of the development of narcissistic personalitydisorder, or at least make it a little more transparent…

P.:.. to return to the real question:)

Why are narcissists lacking empathy?

… I have a personal thought on this:

Since there are many different classifications orGradations,which give narcissistic creatures, I think it makes another big difference which specimen you have at your side.

The group of e.g. amorous narcissists “( I also had one by the way…) is rather characterized by their addiction to : seduction, sex.. Confirmation of one’s own masculinity (ego).. Conquest.. etc.– otherwise but rather “harmless”…

I at least trust these gentlemen with a certain capacity for empathy. because this group … (of course only after a certain effort ..) might well be able to show compassion in a ‘small context’ .

My reason for this is ( … in my relationship, at least, it was..) that there were too many statements of my narcissist, which I myself could not have expressed better emotionally and emotionally, or.could have been transferred.

Since I have experienced this so authentically, I personally have great problems with believing that this was based only on cognitive abilities ( ; ).. but that doesn’t mean that this behavior wasn’t just possible for the narcissist in purely cognitive ways – it’s just hard to imagine for a “normal tickingperson.”

Since my narcissist.. From a sadistic point of view, rather played in the lowerleague, I therefore do not deny him a certain capacity for empathy.

The “high rollers” in the narcissistic cosmos ( … so those for which other people are no more worth than a lapidary bet in the casino… the extremely unscrupulous,who want to exploit and hurt on the whole line. To those representatives, I deny any capacity for empathy. since it was obviously never built up, ordue to the massively experienced childhood trauma.

These people can only have a grandiose spectacle (without any bites of conscience).). to the destination of their “supply” – because they simply “don’t care” how their counterpart feels. Etc.Etc.

nevertheless… in the end, in both groups“hops and malt” is lost – since the ability to see, the sufficient reflection to the NPS – is missing in both genera. therefore, one can have a certain compassion for the narcissistic persons. but only to a certain extent !!!

Otherwise you end up due to the suffering helper syndrome (… which unfortunately many victims of narcissists have 😉 .. immediately with the next NPS-disturbed specimen…

That’s why always internalize…;)

“Everyone is a blacksmith of his luck.”

… you can’t save everyone –just yourself.

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