Why are most Germans very conservative?

How do you state that a lot of Germans are conservative?In any case, the voters who have chosen a so-called alternative are not, they are reactionary at best, at worst far-right. Conservative doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with a person’s political view.

I call myself a politically rather left-wing, but I am certainly also value-conservative. To be value-conservative means the following: one respects the dignity of the individual, stands up for a humane society, which is also in solidarity with its weaker members, and pays attention to the preservation of nature.

In contrast, there is structural conservatism, which is limited to changing as little as possible in the existing conditions.A “significant” protagonist of such conservatism is our new Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn:

“The term conservative is terribly negative in Germany.

For me, it’s about shaping the future with composure. We take man as he is. In the end, we conservatives are not always the vanguard of every progress. We are slowing down the changes in such a way that they are tolerable.”

What Mr Spahn means by this is a slowdown in the speed of progress to zero and changes that are tolerable for him are those that are not taking place.Mr Spahn is not only not the vanguard of progress, he is its biggest brake block. The only thing Mr Spahn can do is to cover the deadlock with twisted words and: he fishes in the turbulence on the right edge of the political spectrum.

Other quotes that show how diverse the term “conservative” can be considered:

Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister B-W:

Our core themes such as sustainability, nature conservation, generational rights and the combination of economics and ecology have always been conservative and still are.

But not so much in the sense of backward-looking skewering, but rather of down-to-earth progressive conservatism. There are no longer any fixed conservative, liberal, social-democratic or green camps. Therefore, in my opinion, the final definition of the adjective ‘conservative’ can ultimately only be in the eye of the beholder. “

I find the words of Cardinal Marx remarkable.It shows that Catholic clergy are not necessarily backward-looking. What he says is that we need to take a step towards more justice in our society.

Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising and Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference:

“Conservatives must not stubbornly adhere to old patterns and ways of thinking.

Rather, they must formulate a policy that enables more justice on the basis of an old guiding principle: the Christian conception of man. [… Staying in old patterns and national ways of thinking does not help. It would be conservative in a negative sense. We need a new idea of progress. In the search for such a new humanist synthesis, looking at the Christian roots of our community opens up a clear perspective.”

All quotes from: Elaboration of the scientific service of the German Bundestag on the term “conservative” (WD 1-3000-019/17).

So you can see – especially well said by MP Kretschmann – that “conservative” can mean something different for everyone.The question of why so many Germans are conservative cannot therefore be answered, at least not on the basis of the premise underlying the question.

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