Why are most dogs in a pet stay of a kind of pitbull mix?

I will answer that as an experiential expert.We have bred for years Am Stefs. Dogs are bred for a particular purpose. Jack Russels must have energy to catch rats. Blood dogs need to constantly detect things and they like to do so. Pointers are silent and hear prey pointing. Pit Bulls… The name says it all his original bred to fight in a pit with bulls or bears. They are fearless strong, very protective. And have a whole bunch of testosterone that helps them out there.

Well a dog is not born false but any owner of Am. Steffords or Pitbulls and other of those varieties will tell you that it is dogs with a handbook.

They are very protective.And males are also often aggressive against other males. They also have a whole bunch of energy. They need a clear Alpha. With a good leader are the very sweet dogs.

But because of the hype that this type of dog is “cool”, they often come with people who cannot meet them.And if a dachshund or a Kees doggy is barking and snapped or pulling the belt, it is still to be done. But with the strength of a big dog, that is a bad thing.

So people later find out that they don’t have the time energy or leadership to be able to keep such a dog.And so hop to asylum, because it’s easier to give your dog away than to delve into it in advance.

The breeds of dogs such as the American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier require thorough socialization and upbringing.They require a friendly yet firm approach and need lifelong guidance to keep the risks that their potential entails within (for our society) acceptable boundaries.

This method of raising requires knowledge of the breed and its characteristics, knowledge of dog behavior and communication modes of dogs in general, and a lot of time and patience.You must also invest heavily in buying the dog, seek the right breeder, find healthy and friendly parents, and then educate responsibly according to the needs and behaviors of your individual dog.

If one is not able or willing to make such an investment and one does take such a dog in the house, then there is a great chance that problems will arise.As a puppy, everything is nice, sweet and nice, but as soon as the adolescent is present, the dog, under pressure from his hormonal changes, will exhibit other (and often raskenmarking) behavior. This can be a hugely frustrating period for the owner, especially if you are inexperienced in this. Because of the great sensitivity of these dogs, they will also react to your uncertainties and frustrations, making it increasingly difficult to keep the situation in hand. If the basis for respect has not been laid from the smallest, then such a situation can escalate very quickly and easily to major problems.

I would like to emphasize the difference between
Respect for the boss: The boss is honest, when I do what he wants, it gives me something fun
awe for the boss: The boss is hard, if I don’t do what he wants, then it swings

A pubesome pitbull with respect for the boss will be relatively easy to send to desired behaviour.He will explore boundaries but do not have to “fight” to enforce his right to exist.
And pit with awe for the boss, however, will not be so easy to send to desired behavior.There is a high probability that the animal will resist. He can also employ aggression to keep himself upright. However, because it is a breed that hardly knows fear, and has a very large willpower, it will cost a lot of effort to obtain the desired behavior. And that is often wrong.

Once the relationship between the boss and the dog is on focus, the dog is often done away.One does not know how to solve the problems, there is no more sense in it, or becomes afraid of the dog. Also, a large proportion of the “dog owners” still have the disposable mentality. Don’t like the dog then just dump it. Lack of knowledge, commitment and propriety makes a huge proportion of the HR dogs in shelters end up. Completely unjustifiably. The dog itself cannot do anything that went wrong.

The reason you see these dogs more in the shelters than other breeds is because those other breeds come less quickly to similar big problems.Also it is so (without denigrating or generalizing wanting to do) that many buyers of Pitbull (Achtigen) make the choice for this breed based on the rigidity and not on the basis of suitability. They are impulse purchases. Status symbols. It does not look at the needs of the dog, but to that of man. And that is precisely the wrong mentality for these dogs. And you can imagine that a rebellious dachshund exerted a little less impact on his environment than a battle-bred Pitbull.

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