Why are more and more people in the Western world deciding to have little to no children?

Children are a future plan, in societies where you have to fight for your daily existence.And since in such societies health care is often bad, or too expensive, (or both!), many children die young. So many children have a guarantee of staying alive at least two or three or four children who can take care of you when you get old and/or sick.

In The Western world we passed that station.And then children suddenly become something else: an interpretation of your life. Or not.

Then it can be a personal choice.

That is inherent in rising prosperity and collateral.

When you look at the evolution, people throughout history produce on average 2 reproducing descendants.

The pre-industrial period there were more births, but also more kindersterften, and of the 5, thus, 2 remained.

After a period of transition, we are now in a situation where the number of surviving children is almost 100%, and of the 2 there remain 2.

It’s about averages of course.

But there are countries that have an average below 2, including Japan.
Their population number will fall.

Following these projections, and knowing that globally we follow the same trend, it seems that our population will be peaks around 10 to 12 billion in 2050, and then they will steadily decline.

For more exact figures, you can look at the talks of the late Hans Rosling (here BVB the best stats you’ve ever seen)

I do not think it is a matter of decisions, but rather a matter of consequence.The progress made in the emancipation of women in the Western world ensures that the especially skilled females are less early available to have children. Studies and career plan often stand in the way. There is a decision to get children and they also go for less.
For example, we see less in disadvantaged families.They are available in the past and do not dwell on the consequences of a large family, which invariably increases the group of disadvantaged people. This phenomenon also occurs in religiously inspired households and alien cultures that propagates large families. This can lead to controversial Dysgenetics.
Fewer children will make the biggest contribution to the human impact on this world.That is why we must work to make emancipation promoted worldwide. Self-determination for women and the choices that belong to it is paramount to keep this world running and to protect us from the consequences of a often too masculine view.

The socio-economic development and the emancipation of women have ensured that having children has been Created from a 芒 鈧?虄asset鈩?to a 芒 鈧?虄liability芒 鈧劉.

It used to be the role of the woman to produce as many children as possible that contribute to the household.A good woman did the wax, the puddle, and produced a descendant every 1 to 2 years. A woman who did not, was a bad woman.

Today, that woman needs and costs a child especially money and time.Getting a child is becoming a conscious choice rather than an obviousness. Because it is a conscious choice, the focus is also more on being able to educate a child, rather than merely producing and having trouble feeding it. That means that those who do have children, often get much less than they used to be.

O Yes, contraceptives naturally also help.In the past, having children was a natural consequence of having sex, now it is rather the result of deliberately not using a contraceptive method; Another shift from an obviousness to a conscious choice.

The ecological footprint of every person born today is almost unjustified when we look at the effect of man on our environment.More and more people are becoming aware of these negative effects and are therefore starting to consider whether it is a good idea to bring a child into the world.
Other factors such as the growing socio-economic polarisation in the West also ensure that many people feel financially inadequate to be able to give a good future to a child.

I think these figures prove that people are increasingly starting to look beyond themselves when making these kinds of decisions instead of focusing solely on their own child desire as previous generations did.Not exactly something negative so, in my opinion.

The reason people got a lot of children had nothing to do with a big children’s wish.People just love sex, and children are a necessary bijsness. That is how nature is sure that an organism is engaged in reproduction: just make it fun so that the desire is manifested. But humanity did not start cheating long ago, and in the Western world it is easy to cheat. In poor countries there is less stable access to contraceptives, and people are not always aware of it. In addition, it is sometimes advisable to do everything as your parents did so that no one can find you weird. So social pressures in combination with lesser access to contraceptives ensure that many children are common in most countries. In The Western world, children are not needed for a long time, and getting children is an informed choice whereby parents decide that if you have fewer children, you need to divide the attention less and that the children will be happier.

On the one hand, we no longer charge our children to take care of us later when we are old and elderly.

Along the other hand, having children is equal to giving away the best years of your life.

You have entered into a 20 to 25 year commitment.Your relationship can suffer heavily and you have no guarantee that after 25 years you have brought your work to a good end.

One and the other make sure that fewer people want children.

Grts, Morty

By copycat behavior. Putting a child on the world can bring a lot of happiness, and a lot of grief. The majority of people unfortunately think more about what can go wrong, than what can go well, fear reigns ordinary people. Constant thinking of later and the future immobilizes thinking and Creates fear, thinking of earlier gives many people depressions, thinking of the future gives fear, they do not live NOW, but always in what Zouw can or in what has once been. As the comedian George Carline once several times his audience roared 芒 鈧?艙 Take a f芒 鈧劉 ng Chance will you 芒 鈧?艙.

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