Why are many people fascinated by stories about serial killers?

I find it very intriguing.

I watched the series on Netflix last week about Ted Bundy.It is unbelievable that this man, who is so on his easie, is laughing and sitting there, also the man who brutally murdered and raped women.

I also find it intriguing how the social climate contributes to it, and education.

And yes, it is both tension and sensation.That certainly is part of it.

Curiosity.It is something so far beyond our normal everyday, friendly life, that we want to know how that is. We cannot imagine-what kind of person would do such a thing? What drives the person? It’s unbelievable, we want to know more.

In addition, it is a natural reaction to react to something other people have tormented, damaged and shocked, is the coast safe?Is it resolved? How serious is it? This is important information for survival and excites our curiosity.

Tension is also one.Some people like a bit of sensation.

It’s about the same reason we read detectives.The advantage of a story about a serial killer is that the story is real, while a detective is only fabricated.

The fascination has some aspects, and not everyone feels in the same way attracted to the subject, because we are all different.

Horror conhorted us with our fear of death.In every report of a murder you can think ‘ this could have happened to me ‘, but it has not happened to you. You read it in your safe house. You are a survivor.

You can also identify with the offender.He/She then expresses your own anger, but I think most people will identify with the victims. The horror for the offender is greater than the sympathy.

You can delve well into that weird boundary between life and death.Very weird.

Women like to watch programs about surgical interventions.I shudder, but if you like that kind of program then you will also be interested in the details of the crimes. ‘ So people are up to this sort of thing capable. How is it possible? How would I act? ‘

Your emotions are stimulated very strongly in different ways.Fear, horror, anger, hatred, helplessness. We are especially emotional beings and by reading about this serial killer we can practice our emotions in a safe way. This is the main reason why we love exciting stories

Sigh at sensation.

No man consists of good or evil.Every person has both traits in them. But we are deemed by society to deny evil and do good. This makes us more focused on good and printing evil away. Centuries.

It is almost no longer for many people to imagine that someone is able to do atrocities.Serial killer are almost all the most evil thing man can be. Certainly the type of Bundy, which apparently has no reason for his murders. One who resembles the surface full bright of spirit, but has an incredibly dark side.

People are fascinated by this because it can be anyone.It can literally be your neighbor. It’s a huge fear that can just stand next to you while you’re not in the eye. People want to understand this and fathom it.

On the one hand, one hopes to learn some of them, so that they can protect themselves and others from this kind of evil.

On the other, many people can recognize themselves in this kind of people.The explanation that-when he or she is given the chance-to give serial killers for their behaviour, is often not so special. They are not all people who have had a terrible childhood and have therefore been beaten in a hollow. This realization is sometimes a revelation. And saddle ‘ The Common Man ‘ (or woman) with the question of whether they could. Because although it is obviously ‘ not done ‘, it is nevertheless an attractive idea for many people to be able to do what you want without any kind of guilt awareness. Even depriving people of life.

Tension and sensation.

Why are there, even if there are enough lanes free, traffic jams on both sides of the road after an accident?

Because curious thrill seekers with their mobile phone want to be able to put movies on social media as high as needed.

The same is true, in addition to a kind of suffering amusement that another is the victim and not those people themselves, even in stories of/about serial killers.

People love safe anxiety.They like to shudder. Reading about serial killers does have the excitement, but not the Gavaar close by.

Almost everyone has some fascination with evil.Why this is so nobody knows.

Yes there are a lot of psychologists and philosophers who think they know why.But they think more.

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