Why are many people broke?

Why are many people broke?

This is essentially linked to two things.

One is that the economic system does not work according to the laws of nature.

Ok, what are natural laws?

Laws of nature are laws by which the entire universe works.There is no exception, no “in dubio pro reo”,no doubt for theaccused.Because there is no doubt in the laws of nature.

A very simple example: an egg falls down and breaks.It doesn’t matter if it’s an egg from a CEO or a janitor.

The egg falls and it breaks or does not break according to the laws of nature.This is non-negotiable. And it happens immediately, there is no negotiation.

And what is to fall, and all the way down.That, too, is always the case and cannot be negotiated.

These are laws of nature!These are rules that have brought out something like us humans. Even if it is completely unscientific, it is not childish to call it divine. Because they are all-inclusive, without exception.

In the end, we can do what we want, we can’t get past the laws of nature.They are honorable laws.

People think they’re smarter and invented the interest.

Interest is value creation from nowhere!And that is the whole evil of this world. That does not exist in the laws of nature.


I’ll lend you 100鈧? you’ll give me back 100鈧?


I’ll lend you 100鈧? you’ll give me back 110鈧?

Where should the 10鈧?come from?Which law of nature should be responsible for the sudden 10鈧?more?

There is no reason.Merchants are now arguing that they lent the money and that they now have to charge interest because of the default.

no!wrong! They should never have lent it. Because it was never there. They were doof and others are now supposed to pay for their doofiness. This is the law of the market economy. Making money out of nothing. The money was never there and could never have been lent.

Only the possibility that people can disregard the laws of nature makes it possible for some to have more, which is becoming more and more, and others to have less, which is becoming less and less.

This is a man-made law and can be recognized and neutralized.No one has to live in slavery.

Repealing interest and interest rates would make the rich poorer, but distribute the money much more evenly and efficiently.

The idea of interest creates competition and this is pretty much the last thing that advances us as humanity.

What we need is a life without interest instead with cooperation, worldwide.We need to start to understand ourselves as humanity as a whole and start projects that are far bigger than anyone alone could do.

We need colonies on the moon to be able to launch in the distance, and on Mars to be able to make raw materials our own.That would be legitimate, because we are not taking it away from anyone.

So much for the subject: Why we stay poor….Precisely because we do not want to accept the riches due to selfish charades. Again, you can’t explain that to anyone. There are planets to which you could extract terratons of raw materials, but you don’t do it, because you want to squeeze the 3Euro80 out of the little man. How embarrassing is that?

There is a whole universe out there to be plundered, but the rich are looking for contention because you have broken their sandcastle.But you’re also a bad finger… a very bad one….

Another point why many people are busted is….

Your ego stands in the way….

Many people prefer to maintain their ego when they come to money.Houses, planes, Mulivisions plants and other material nonsense are quickly acquired instead of investing in the only true thing you have: yourself!

If I buy a house, a computer, a car, an other thing, the dough is irretrievably gone.That makes you poor.

Take a car.It has an acquisition price, an annual, i.e. monthly depreciation of value loss, it costs the time over maintenance in the form of taxes, insurance, maintenance, T脺V approvals, unscheduled repairs, it has to be maintained, and ultimately also for the kilometres required of it… This can come together with certain sports cars quite a good bit.

If I put the car now before the money is really over, the car will drive me to ruin.This is the case with most people. Maybe not with cars, but then with other things.

You don’t even afford a car like that for 2 years or so, you don’t get it until you really have the money.If it doesn’t matter if you call a car of this size or the coal sinks in the toilet.

If that doesn’t matter anymore, you can buy a car like that.If you buy it beforehand, you go under very luxuriously.

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