Why are many people afraid to have their IQ measured?

I can at least understand the feeling, because even though I was tested as a child and adult with a standardized Hamburg-Changer-Intelligence test by experienced psychologists and thus have a reliable diagnosis, I still do for fun (and sometimes boredom to pastime) also likes any IQ tests, or cognitive performance tests, or reaction tests etc.and i know the strange feeling when the test was difficult, which you sometimes have, just before you press the result button.

There is also an anecdote with a friend with whom I have been doing motorcycle tours from the North Cape to Africa for years.He is Dutch and we often had the theme on our tours that I simply have a lot more “energy” compared to him… (so it makes me mentally e.g. nothing at all with the motorcycle ‘mal eben’ 1600km in one piece (only with refuelling stops) (direction North Cape, or Northern Ireland is helpful), only to arrive, while after 500-600 km he can hardly do anymore and needs a longer break and the on identical motorcycles.

He is a doctoral historian and works in the Netherlands as a conservationist and is really a very clever head, but there was the point where he had probably expected a little too much on one of our tours from Sicily to Tuscany and we (as it was in in Tuscany) a friendly relationship) got into a verbal altercation and he called me a Wijsneus.And even if my Dutch is not the best, I understand it quite well and I knew that this means wise (or better-known). We were on the road with the tent and in the evening at the campsite we had a bit of a drink and it was really just a matter of which of us was “smarter”.

We are then half drunk in the internet caf茅 of the campsite (that was by the way in Sorrento in the Bay of Naples with a view of the Vesus) and then to take an online IQ test there.I chose the “mirror mensa test”, which identified me as “The Brain” and as above-average intelligent, but with little chance at Mensa.

He was then really angry and attributed the whole thing to the German language and that although he speaks almost perfect German and studied here.

So he looked for a Dutch IQ test and found one on http://www.testmijniq.nl/nl/inde… (the link leads today to test IQ van 123test.nl I don’t know if it’s the same test of that time)

We both did the test and he scored an IQ of 115 and I got an IQ of 128 in Dutch … Strangely, after this result, his mood changed abruptly, that was something he could accept and I think that’s the way it is with all these “numbers”.Of course, if you do such a test late in life, it has a meaning for a personal internal and, above all, an effect on the outside. On the one hand, how you see the world yourself, but also how you face the world and other people, and I think many people are afraid that an IQ test will change their self-image in a negative way.

And by the way I was quite ‘nervous’ that evening before clicking on the result button of the Dutch test, because Drunk I hadn’t done such a test yet and with ‘only’ 128 it wasn’t the best ;), but I took the screenshot emailed to me anyway.

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