Why are fewer people deciding to marry?

Very roughly expressed: why buy a cow, if you can have free milk.

The (oral) contraception has made the women the boss of their fertility and therefore also their own body.We are allowed to know when we have sex, we are (almost) no longer at risk of unwanted pregnancy. So both women can find it good to have sex without necessarily having to start the family if the men can certainly appreciate this development. They can get (unpaid) sex without being obliged to marry.

Through these developments, religion and traditional norms and values began to play an increasingly less prominent role and at the same time other forms of society appear to be increasingly tax and legal on marriage.

What is still relevant to appoint is that the household is becoming increasingly easier and increasing the participation of women in employment.And nowadays there are more and more possibilities to spend money that is more attractive than wedding.

I’m going to go against the power. Let me explain why I am married.

Just because I wanted it.

And because our wedding was special.
Instead of going to the town hall and then a small venue in a catering establishment or the local football canteen, we loaded the Children (2), their followers (2) and their offspring (1, the other went along by themselves, because it was still in her mother’s belly) in the car and we took The boat to Harwich.

In Dunton, Bedford, we picked up my English friend and his wife; Those would be as Best Man resp.Bridesmaid gig.

Then we drove to Scotland.No, not to Gretna Green (since they have raised the trouwerettes to an industry), but a lot further north: Killin, in the county of Stirling.

There we had rented a cottage on the shores of Loch Tay.We arrived there on Sunday. The Monday was spent on the final preparations (most of the day I had pre-cooked by phone and email), and on Tuesday 20 June 2006 (20 06 2006… See what I did there?) Waited my best man and I, in a little chapel on the other shore of Loch Tay until the bride would arrive with her sequel. Her arrival was announced by a piper, who, with his Highland Pipes, let everyone in a radius of twenty miles know that there was somewhere married.

In that tiny little chapel, which was almost completely filled by our company, we are connected by a Scottish minister in the real.To have and to hold… The whole mikmak.

And in the evening was the ‘ reception ‘.Reception me sister… We enjoyed a festive meal in the cottage, prepared by the Best Man, who had raised himself to master of ceremonies, with the help of his wife and a sons-in-age.

And after dinner, the Piper, along with a friend (who also played all sorts of instruments), came to listen to the Scottish folk in the evening.The wine flowed, the music Schalde. Much fun was had by all.

This was one of the most beautiful days of my life.To never forget.

Piper at the gates of dusk (on the shores of Loch Tay, photography: Yours truly)

If you can take care of yourself, you don’t have to marry either.

With 3 mln singles in the Netherlands you know that there are many who educate the children themselves or in co-parenthood.

We are a very bold follower. Relationships change in the New world.

Maybe those singles all had a foreign country (SE/ER) taken to the Netherlands than they had been married.Because then it must. Also Had a lot of immigration prevented. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is an unfriendly country in that respect, Belgium is much smoother in that.

Ribbon to Singles:

Talpa Network

Don’t forget the cost plate.

While weddings only cost 100 to 200 euro fees depending on the municipality, everyone is expected to have a big wedding.And weddings are screaming expensive, especially when you consider that it’s all just for a single day. No wedding is not an option for many couples, that we cannot make to our friends and family, you do not turn your poor parents on, we are crazy especially because all others do, etc.

Ring, costume, stylish transport, church service, reception, party room, catering, bridal gown… It runs easily in the thousands and tens of thousands of euros.And then the honeymoon of several thousand euros comes on top of it. Unless the families add up, the savings of young couples in their entirety are on or they should even be in debt. Ironically, a bad financial situation is not conducive to a happy marriage.

Marriages are big business and there is a competition encouraged by the commercial to throw money as much as possible.In other countries, it is even worse: I know of a case of a Chinese young man who asked his forthcoming marriage by searching in LED lights on a tower flat in Chinese characters. The lights would burn for 5 minutes. Price: EUR 70.000.

If you already have doubts because the separation statistics are around 30 -40% or because unmarried people are already legally and fiscally more or less equal as married when they are living together, then the step is small to say: ‘ Know your treasure, we have the Already sociable together, it doesn’t have to? ‘

Churches have claimed marriage as their domain and the law assigns similar or almost identical rights to several different forms of society as to married partners.

Let one thing be clear: a marriage is a legally binding agreement between two partners.And this serious consequences, despite the fact that many people do not realise this (or not enough).
In The course of time, the legal status of together living partners is improving, especially with a civil society contract.You can enter into a mortgage together, the Society agreement covers a lot of things, you are seen by the tax authorities as “a” (compulsory or voluntary, I do not know), you can put your pension on your partner and with a will can You also settle your inheritance.

In living together, a separation of resources is also present, each is responsible for own debts and possessions (unless otherwise indicated).By marriage, you brought standard possession and debt together, unless there was a prenuptial agreement. There was a law in the making to convert this to standard estate separation, but I do not know the status of that.

From a legal point of view there are still some benefits for a marriage, but the most important are also to settle with a registered partnership or civil society contract.

At the same time, churches are firmly committed to marriage as an “Institute of God”, and not ecclesiastical people will not/less identify with it.
This can also be a hindrance to them, in addition to the legal considerations.

Faith in getting married is gone.

Not married people are getting more and more the same rights as married people.

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