Why are Christians often considered hypocrite and judging? We just try to be a light in the darkness.

[“The specific group of Christians who are harassing people with their sacred morality (and not the large majority who do not) is hypocritical. Why?

  • Jesus explicitly says that your religion must live privately and not have to pray in public.

You do not do so for God, but for your social status. (See how many people, especially in the US, pray in public and impose this on dissenters (in school, in the government))

  • Jesus said that it is harder for a wealthy to go to heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle.
  • And then the prosperity Gospel exists.

  • Jesus went respectfully and with love to be with lepers, prostitutes, etc, but the first to exclude people in the West nowadays are Christians and they do so with complacency L.
  • Christians save Lhbt’ers to the ears with Versen from the Bible, but ignore the same wording when it comes to eating shellfish, crustaceans and wearing 2 kinds of fabric in your clothing (same words are used to reject it)
  • Christians say to be abortions, but refuse the effective solutions. (Sex education and contraception)
  • Christians claim responsibility for the abolition of slavery, equality for ethnic groups and women, while it was the Christian powers that tried to stop that progression with all power.
  • We owe these rights to the Enlightenment and secular humanism, not Christianity. “,” to begin with, the question itself shows what the problem is: the idea of Christians that they have a moral system that the rest of the world has to do.

    Let us put first of all that Christians, like all other people, are in majority good.You can easily derive this from the fact that they want to read a message of love from the Bible despite all the atrocities.

    However, if you act morally because you have been imposed, by a God, and not because of intrinsic belief, you are actually not such a good person at all.Only if you do good, and especially the bad ones, without the threat of consequences, are you really morally engaged.

    In terms of content, there are also the necessary problems with Christianity.

    First of all, the explicit morality is at odds with how we look at morality today: slavery is approved in the Bible and women must keep their mouths.Eating crustaceans is equally worthy of the death penalty for the Bible as adultery. And raped is as punishable as someone rape.

    Then there is the storyline, the relationship that God has with mankind, which is highly problematic: God creates the people, gives them his own will.Ensures that there are temptations that a man admits to and then saddens all mankind with original sin. God also wants people to honor him, but if they do not do that with the free will that they give then burn them forever in hell-that we would find in every other relationship especially very scary. To solve the problem created by himself with the original sin, he sends his son to let death torture so that he can forgive the people.

    It really is a very worrying relationship… According to the police, all Christians could be accommodated in a stay-of-my-body house.

    And to get out of your morality, I would not call that a bright spot in the darkness.

    Plato once wrote about a cave, in which people saw chained shadows on the wall.Their whole world, their conversations and reality consisted of these shadows, which were strangely distorted and their minds sent out all sorts of weird sides.

    They could see neither the fire behind them that made the shadows, nor the sunlight outside.If they were to behold this, they would be blinded and would rather return to their darkness.

    Someone who would escape and could have the daylight, could walk in the world outside the cave, would return to this community in the cave… Such a person would be completely gibleman for them.They lack the framework to put on his experiences, they only know the cave.

    In your eyes you are a light in the darkness, for many others you are still in that cave, talking about the shadows on the wall as if they were the only reality.Whoever is right, we both don’t know, I won’t be able to convince you that your truth is not right. But you will not be able to convince me to return to the cave if I walk outside in the sunlight.

    My answer resembles that of Cornelis Zandbergen.

    You may not shave Christians over one comb.But many Christians are indeed judging, not everyone. Moreover, they often try to convince others. I believe that you should not express your opinion unquestioned. But if they are asked their opinion and they give answer, then you must respect that too.

    On the other hand, the majority should also not impose their opinion on dissenters.Then you also get a tyranny of the majority. What the majority thinks does not have to be the truth or the best solution.

    As for the last sentence:

    We just try to be a light in the darkness.

    Is this of course subjective.

    Annoying though, that you live in the darkness.But I don’t. So I don’t need your light.

    One of my best friends is practicing Christian and not hypocritical and judging.Let me therefore say that I do not find Christians hypocritical and judging, but some Christians. Like some Muslims, some Jews, some atheists, and practically every Jehovah witness.

    The problem of Christianity is not the religion in itself.It is the fact that this religion has so many contradictions. People in Christianity are speaking against each other. They worship the same God, but then cry from each other that they do that wrong. The Catholics, of course, are making the crown with their repressive policy of Doemmenis and wrath in which modesty is preached, but the church leader cannot turn his butt or his head repels to all the gold that surrounds him and bishops about every week Corruption and fraud are accused. Not to mention all the morals-scandals that have come to light in recent years, not only in the Netherlands.

    Christianity is also based on a kind of God.Preach charity and tolerance. But is self jealous and dares to admit it (hypocrite, why?) Let complete peoples slaughter, take one life after another, even if it is particularly doubtful whether he punishes the guilty, and is particularly creative in the curses he releases on mankind. Even drowns the whole lot at a given moment. I say… So no great guest to go and worship. “Trust me” right….. Really not. That has done millions of people before, and look at what has become of them. Hee, and no crap, it’s YOUR own words… To loud…. And now do not say: You have only read part one. ” I have read part two, but without part 1 no part two.

    I also suspect that “Christians” in the Netherlands lead a little under the image of Jehovah’s Witnesses.These are of course very active in the spreading of their faith which is perceived by many people as annoying. (I personally think it’s even more fun, but most of them are very unscientific and then start to pop up very bad crap when I talk to them. That’s annoying)

    I myself would like everyone in the Netherlands to be free to practice his or her religion as they can enjoy their TV and music as well.I have their own environment of their own home or community, or at their own festival, without others being confronted with it or “harassed”. We will only be judged about you when you have certain behaviour. If you don’t like that judgement, you can only change yourself.

    If that judgement does not excites you, because you are only interested in the judgement of a higher authority, it said so. Just see it as a test of that higher authority, but then you have to live with it.

    Some Christians (and thankfully not all) tend to look at their own beliefs with blinkers and in addition they have a very naive look at the rest of the world.

    Here at Quora, you also come across them, people who come to answer every question with their faith.

    Answer from Abe De Jong on If you can’t cure a trauma, then what’s next best you can do with it?

    When you believe that with some prayer you can be cured of a trauma and that is also openly proclaiming here, I also don’t want to see you in a hospital again when you really have something.

    But no, it obviously does not work.

    The constant reference to your personal belief as a solution to everything comes as dramatic and inanimate, while the same Bible after which Christians are too careful to refer all sorts of horrible things like baby murder, stoning your wife, bondage Etc.Approves.

    The Bible also describes in several places that the Earth is flat and does not move.Things we know now that there is nothing wrong with that.

    Those parts of what they call the word of God largely ignore Christians because that is what we must see in the time frame in which the Bible is written.

    Next, we need to literally take the parts they apply and live there because the Bible is according to Christians the word of their god.But at the same time there are parts that we should not literally take.

    That too is hypocritical.

    The same group then tries to tell people who do not share their vision with whom they can enter into a legal commitment (marriage), what they can do or do not in their bedroom, what they can do with their own bodies, how they Contraception must be handled and go on.

    And I have not yet talked about the constant urge to win souls for their faith.

    I understand that a believer must be worried about the soul of the infidel and that it is therefore his duty to repent.Most people are reasonably in here, but some are not keeping in quoting their Bible texts. To these people, and only to these people: leave us alone. It reminds me of a young girl of 15 who I knew long ago and filtered out every thought with whole quotes from Lenin: equally annoying. To avoid as the plague.

    If you want to get an interest in your attitude to life, then the light is a good start in the darkness.

    That last sentence of your question actually gives me the answer; Implicitly, you find that you are better than all other people, for you are simply trying to be a light in fe darkness.Look and say that to me, actually everything already!

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