Why are cats so wonderful?

As a cat lover, I can’t leave it a few, maybe a few pictures too much to add.

From the website Cats As Pets – Why Cats Make Great Companions

Cats are wonderful creatures that can offer a lot to their human companions.It is said that cats were tamed by humans about 5,000 years ago to protect fields and goods from mice and other rodents.

They are still a very popular pet, not because of their hunting skills, but for many other reasons.

Cats are content to live in small houses and flats:

You don’t need much space to romp around, unlike some dog breeds.

Cats are satisfied with enough attention, high seating and lots of toys and games with their human guards.

Cats are easy to care for:

Unlike dogs, cats do not require a supervised exit or walks.Their care is low. Regular emptying of the cat cloister, feeding twice a day. The care effort is low for short-haired cats.

Health benefits:

It is known that pet owners are less likely to have stress, depression and low blood pressure.

You feel beautiful:

Caress, lie on your lap to keep you warm.

They look beautiful:

Who can resist this beauty and perfection of a cat?

Cats are entertaining:

Put an empty box on the floor or a large paper bag (never use a plastic bag), a bit of catnip, toys and enjoy the show.

It’s incredibly entertaining to watch cats play.

They offer you connection and unconditional love:

Cats don’t stink:

A wonderful thing about cats is that they rarely smell or not at all.

They are incredibly clean and keep themselves clean on their own. They rarely leave dirt unless you have a longhaired cat.

They are quiet:

Okay, most cats are quiet.

Some cat breeds, such as the Siamese cats, are known for their frequent speeches, but most cats are quiet. You won’t annoy your neighbors with a barking dog.

Cats are independent:

Although most cats love attention, they are also good at spending time alone.(cleaning, sleeping, watching the world). Most cats do not require constant attention.

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