Why are bolgelovers angry when people come with hard proofs of the flat Earth?

Well, I’ve ever responded to the question of a Belgian flat-earther or I could do him a self-run experiment with which he could test whether the Earth was round or not.I have given him how the size of the behind the horizon hidden part of the wind turbines for the Belgian coast depends on the height of your plot, that the earth is a sphere with a radius of 6371 km. On a flat Earth you have no horizon and sit There is no piece of wind turbine hidden behind the horizon.

He is nicely pulled with a camera to the coast and has filmed the wind turbines with the camera just above the waves (large piece of wind turbine behind the horizon) and with the camera at 2m above the waves (less large piece of wind turbine behind the horizon).Everything nicely in accordance with the calculation for a round Earth. He then forwarded me the link to the YouTube movie he made about his experiment.

The conclusion of his video was “… but whether this really means that the earth is around?”.In other words: even a perfectly successful and by a flat-earther self-conducted experiment that demonstrates that the earth is round, a die-hard flat-earther will not convince. So it is totally lost trouble to go against it. And it stubbornly refuse to accept the result of these and very, many other experiments and observations is indeed quite irritating.


“Bolgelovers” do not exist.The earth is a sphere. That is not a belief. That is a fact.

I refuse to answer questions in which two pertinent untruths are

  • That there is such a thing as “bolgelovers”.

The fact that the earth is a sphere is not a point of faith, but a reality. So the group “bolgelovers” does not exist strictly speaking. Just people who know that the earth is a sphere.

  • “Hard proofs of the Flat Earth”.
  • They are not there. For the earth is not flat.

    It is also unfortunate that Quora has become tainted with these kinds of questions.Only stimulating and interesting questions should be allowed, not lies and misleading questions. I refuse to think along in manipulative thinking Tranten.

    I don’t get angry at all when flat earthers try to convince me: I just end the conversation.

    I have no problem with what they believe.What I have a problem with is that not only do they have no scientifically substantiated argument and evidence, but that their mentality does not leave them any room for other possibilities.

    A discussion with a flat earther is like chess with a dove: they throw all the pieces, shone on the board and then parade triumphantly around as if they have won.

    Or also, as I often say, “never discuss with idiots: they get you down to their level and win through experience.”

    Oh well, they are a bit in the where apparently too.

    Let’s take the test on the sum, we’re going to fix this experimentally.

    Real science, that should appeal to you.

    What are your arguments that the earth is flat?To make the experiment succeed, you must of course come up with a hard proof.

    And then see if the bolgelovers get angry here… or simply refute your arguments.

    Conclusion: First of all, We had to determine whether bolgelovers are indeed angry when people come up with hard evidence of the flat Earth.Unfortunately, we have not seen any hard evidence, so we cannot argue that the above theorem is correct.

    However, We have seen that part of the bolgelovers is indeed angry, or at least irritated.As far as we have been able to establish here, the main reason is the flow of flabby evidence already refuted by the Platteaardevrienden and their unwillingness to come up with some better. About 50% of them remain in conversation and respond in the content and politely in the discussion, the other 50% are made out of it by making the bolgelovers for indoctrinated sheep. This also seems to be an important reason for irritation-or even anger-in part of the bolgelovers.

    Let’s take a look at the percentage of the bolgelovers that show some form of agitation: I am based on this research about between 25 and 30%.When we look at the platteaardefriends we see that 50% of them show clear agitation. Comparatively, bolgelovers seem quieter and more reasonable than the Platteaardevrienden.

    Interesting is the form of anger.At the bolgelovers we see above all passive aggression and expressions of discouragement mixed with the irritation by the repetition of moves. The platteaardefriends, at least at least half of them, are dilating and ventilating distrust because of suspected unwillingness to fathom their side of the case. Frustration and impotence clearly play a major role in this.

    Then briefly about the main ommission of this research: the key or bolgelovers become angry with hard proofs.As We said, We had no hard evidence at our disposal. We have certainly tried to find evidence, but we have been opposed to this. Certainly half of the platteaardevrienden in our research, is part of a large secret society that has higher knowledge that cannot be shared with us. According to the ancient concept of ‘ hiding in plain sight ‘ in conspiracy thinkers, they spread contra conspiracies with large world-wide organizations. Their purpose can be no different than indoctrinating us in their platteaarde dream to attract world domination-we have, in their line of thought, not yet seen any evidence that this is not the case.

    It would be bland to host the whole group of friends in this corner.Some of them just didn’t hit the physics teacher in high school. Apparently that was a teacher with a lot of side jobs and chronic lack of time. We Note that this group of Platteaardevrienden has received such simplified natural laws that even Newton should laugh a bit-and that was not a lolbroek.

    All in all, I cannot but apologise for this research, it was limited, manked and perhaps not representative of all bolgelovers and platteaardevrienden by the limited population.Perhaps it offers something of insight, but let us be cautious on these grounds to lean too heavily on the conclusions of this research. Finally, I would like to make a number of recommendations, particularly in the hope of artificially reshaping the value of this research report:

    • The government will have to invest more in physical education.

    We suggest larger classrooms so that pupils can see the bulge of a water surface with the naked eye. We also advise you to take an excursion to Genoa in all the graduation classes to see if you can watch Elba.

  • We recommend a parliamentary inquiry into the secret plot of the Platteaardevrienden to realise a world domination.
  • Should Elvis not be dead yet, it is now high time.
  • We cannot have the platteaardefriends get him out of the anonymity and still know their flat Earth model by Drammen. Do the flat-earthen think that the tens of thousands of people who work in space and the many astronomers and pilots all sit in a big plot?

    That if you are going to study space technology or astronomy or do a pilot training, you are first initiated into the plot?And that there really is no one at all from the school?

    There is only 脙 漏 脙 漏 N Flat gelover that I believe, and that is Querulijn Xaverius, marquis de Canteclaer of Barneveldt from the stories of Tom Poes and Lord Olivier B. Bommel of Marten Bearer, who regularly notices that “the world is becoming flatter” as the “Graauw” and the ” Janhagel “Once again roeren芒 鈧?娄…:)

    The Great thinker Herman Finkers is here as well…

    (In a revolving restaurant he always sees a different view).

    芒 鈧?艗yes, then I’m going to think, h脙 漏.I do. And then I thought: I think this can mean two things. Whether the restaurant is running or the earth is spinning. One of the two. According to the leaflet that was on my table turned the restaurant. But that’s not true with Galilei. According to Galilei\ufeff the earth turns, not the restaurant. No, Galilei said, the Earth revolves, for the earth is round. Oh, he was convinced. The contemporaries of Galilei thought that the earth was flat, but that is not so. The earth is round, like a pancake… “

    But equally on topic, I suggest to ignore the pancake-believing trolls from today.

    Because there is absolutely no hard evidence. We do not get angry, but do z脙 漏 脙 漏 R because our precious time is wasted by this kind of nonsense.

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