Why am I still such an arrogant millennial? If someone wants to lose his frustration: Can you enlighten me?

Matters about teenagers captivate me very much.I like to know which dill programs and barriers make teenagers and children. It is a kind of brainwashing when you think about it. The child, who was rather naive and cheerful, turns into such an apathetic teenager. How is that right? It lies in my perspective on growing up and the many dill programs that come to look at the child. Let us look at all these problems.

  • Narcissism

The first thing I want to talk about is narcissism and emotional abuse.

This occurs regularly in parents. They make their child insecure by characterize them with stereotypes, ensuring that he is embarrassed in public. And they enter their room without permission. Parents sometimes strike and scream at their child. Maybe their child will laugh when they share their feelings. Sounds like something that little occurs. But come across it often.

  • Peterpan syndrome

Another dillema.

This is when the child is afraid of growing up and becoming independent. Parents give their children a lot of attention. But often also do a lot for the child while it might be wiser that the child would do it independently. It can arrive as a big shock that as you get older it’s time to go out of home and have to work. First, mum and dad did that… In Peterpan syndrome, a parent continues to exhibit childsimilar behavior. And hopes that he, like his parents, did that for him. That he will be sworn in for him when he asks.

Well, growing up is also scary and difficult…

  • Love

Advertising has given a very deformed idea about love when we were a child.

This does not intentionally advertise. They just want to sell their product. But what you see are commercials with a lot of romantic love.

When you watch out you see people in advertising on first sight being relieved and kissing each other.They walk hand in hand with a smile through flower fields. Love in advertising is a kind of magic spell. This creates many misconceptions about love:

  • That you will ever find your special partner.
  • You will not worry about anything if your emotions are enchanted with love.
  • You feel happy forever.
  • Love never breaks.
  • Love grows and grows.

Was Love but so romantic in real you have to put the garbage outside and wipe your kinds of buttocks off.Love “grows and grows” not, eventually you get used to each other.You will never “always be happy.” Also in relationships can you have disagreement or in argument touching each other.

“You don’t have to worry about anything.” Well with your partner you should also be able to talk about serious issues such as money matters.

  • Runaway Kids

Are you ever away from home?You probably started to get bored and wondered what you were actually angry about. There is a difference between children who are away for short running away from home or for good. That can come from house violence, your parents go to divorce, use drugs, or it comes through school that you don’t see it anymore. This is a common problem. 1 in 7 children between 10 and 18 run away from home. There are around 1 to 3 million children living in the Americas who live on the streets.

Children depend on their parents.If the child gets the feeling that he cannot trust his parents, she feels powerless.

  • Popularity

Parents are still shouting to their child: “Shame on you for that!” The child can therefore feel a lack of approval, which makes him look for appreciation among others.This is the cause that people want some kind of fame .It has been frustrated with childhood. We have an urge to seek approval from others.

  • Creativity

Children are expressive, naive and so creative.

This often stops around the age of 12. Instead, the child receives a very ‘ apathetic ‘ attitude. A kind of “it can’t care me all anymore.” Children are very themselves and like to express their feelings. Only from school and parents a certain behavior is expected from the child. For example, he is punished by certain behaviors. What the child teaches is to keepthemselves.

Have you ever seen how tough guys sometimes don’t wear special, inexpensive and colourless clothing.Looks exactly like the rest. And then a boy walks along with colored hair, dressed in bright colors. Then those tough guys can sometimes comment on that: “He’s really weird in his head!”

Some think that people who express themselves too much are narcissistic.The real narcissists are the one who complain about others. And these are people who are ashamed of themselves. They often have normal clothing. Not too colorful. When someone else is dressing than them, they have complaints about it. The point is, is that they involve themselves and are ashamed of themselves. This is narcissism.

So be yourself!

  • Chamber epidemic

Most teenagers spend their time in their room. Outside is often also seen as dirty.With the mud and stuff. Home is a kind of escape from reality. Just like drugs and gaming.

When the game of Pokemon Go was still relevant I saw many more younger people outside.It was like they all came out of their room.

But outdoor play can lead to quarrels and bullying.This is what I think the reasons why children are a lot inside.

Go outside and sociather kids!

  • Addiction

As the Greeks said: “give one food and amusement and they are happy!” Reality is a hiccup.

  • No self-expression
  • Bad memories of Love
  • Growing up and independedness

Technology on the contrary keeps us warm and busy.Rich virtual worlds where you can be who you want to be. Drugs is also a way to escape reality. They also often use drugs to unprint a feeling. Life is also not so beautiful with all these dill programs.

You can find even more dilemmas in my previous answers.If you have any interest. But this is my view of the apathetic attitude of teenagers. Not because they want to annoy others with it. They have it hard…

Hopefully you will acquires this information as interesting as I do!

Is no different to me at the end of the years ‘ 80.So don’t get crowded; In 25 years you are also in a changed world.

Then you see what my generation at retired age does not control because the technique goes above the cap.You can also see if you have been able to fulfil yourself where you are now so confident about it. Your profession, you can, your life and relationship. Your energy.

So now put a little wasp, over 25 years, and then ask yourself; Was I arrogant/ignorant or am I really a superhero.Good Luck;)

I’m almost 60, but I don’t see why Millenials would be “arrogant”.Or yet: not arrogance than we were when we had your age. It is true: every generation thinks it will do so much better than the previous ones, and each generation is in a way going to “inherit” the world (or whatever remains of it). Make that come your way, it’s our turn! And now you’re going to see some-done with that silly kul! Ah, we thought so too. Nothing new under the sun;-)

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