Why am I always hungry?

Hurrah, this is my specialty 🙂

Constant hunger or appetite is in most common cases a sign of nutrient deficiency.

But before you run to the doctor, you can take it into your own hands.At meal times it is often very difficult to find a good nutritionist and you should make yourself a specialist for your body.

First of all, one should understand that our body communicates with us and gives us feedback.For example, if the body needs carbohydrates, you get an appetite for bread. When the body has got what it needed, we get the signal “Stop” in the form of saturation.

Of course, you only get an appetite for what you already know.That’s why it’s important to try new things.

When you eat large portions, it doesn’t bring you to starve down with willpower.Much more needs to be done to increase nutrient density. In general, unprocessed food is as non-essential as possible.

You should start to study your own food: what is where in it, where does it come from, how carbohydrates, proteins and fats actually affect you etc etc etc.

For the beginning I can also reveal my meal plan (I had the same problem)


Oatmeal cooked, various seeds on top and with jam (e.g. pure fruit of Allos 70.% fruit and 30% agave syrup or St. Dalfour sweetened with grape juice)

You should measure with a scale how much oatmeal you take, it doesn’t take long then you can cook 10g less and see if the saturation comes.

Or second variant of quark rolls (recipe by Mrs.Flury)

200g spelt flour, 200g quark, salt, 2ttsp baking powder, 1 egg, raisins or chocolate drops, 3 tbsp maple syrup.That will be about 6-8 rolls


Natural yoghurt, boiled egg, curd, cheese, nuts or fruit


KH: Buckwheat, brown rice.Whole grain noodles, potatoes or spelt

Protein; Salmon, chicken breast, beef or tuna

In addition, there were quite colorful vegetables lightly fried

in the evening

Very colourful salad with chicken.Salmon or tuna and plenty of high-end oil alternating

With such a plan, I felt saturation for the first time in decades after about 2weeks.It was fascinating whether my husband was sitting next to it with crisps or chocolate, I was fed up and didn’t want any more.

I don’t need to mention that the pounds were also squealing 😉 I added daily walking and in 6 months my food portions halved and I weighed 10kg less.

Gradually I learned what my body needs.For example, desire for sweetness = carbohydrates are missing

Fancy chips = salt is missing

Fancy ice cream = meat is missing

I started to make sweets myself according to Mrs Flury’s recipes (only with normal sugar) because instead of empty calories you eat valuable proteins and fats, you can also replace breakfast with it.

After two years, I changed my diet again to interval fasting and realized that my hunger was very often thirsty.

Today I eat 1/4 of my previous portions have now spoken to numerous doctors, nutritionists and athletes, all of which confirmed that I have intuitively liked what the latest scientific studies recommend.

I hope my little novel can also help you feel healthier and better.

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