Who was the bravest person in history?

For me, Sophie Scholl is one of the bravest people in history.

At the beginning of the 1940s, she realized what disastrous and inhumane influence the Nazis would have on German society and the image of Germany in the world.And that the fanatical path of the renewal of the German nation-state is a lazy spell.

She went into the resistance.With the group “White Rose” she carried out numerous actions to awaken her fellow human beings and to call for resistance. A number of calls and leaflets were distributed.

On February 18, 1943, she and her brother were caught handing out leaflets at the University of Munich.On February 22, 1943, both were beheaded after a death sentence for treason.

The following was on this last leaflet:

Fellow students!Classmates!

Shocked, our people are facing the downfall of the men of Stalingrad.Three hundred and thirty thousand German men have recklessly and irresponsibly incited the ingenious strategy of world war-freeness into death and destruction. Guide, we thank you! It ferments in the German people: do we want to continue entrusting the fate of our armies to a dilettante? Do we want to sacrifice the rest of our German youth to the lowest power instincts of a party clique? Never!

The day of reckoning has come, the reckoning of the German youth with the most despicable tyrannis that our people have ever endured.On behalf of all the German youth, we demand personal freedom from adolf Hitler’s state, the most precious asset of the Germans, for which he deceived us in the most pitiful way.

We grew up in a state of reckless gagging of all free speech.HJ, SA and SS have tried to uniformize, revolutionize, narcoticize us in the most fertile years of education of our lives. “Worldly training” was the contemptuous method of suffocating the burgeoning self-thinking and self-worth in a fog of empty phrases. A selection of leaders, as they cannot be thought of in a more diabolical and at the same time more borne, draws their future party bonies in religious castles to godless, shameless and unscrupulous exploiters and murder boys, to blind, stupid followers of leaders.

We “workers of the spirit” would be just right to make this new layer of men the stick.Front fighters are judged by student leaders and Gauleiter aspirants like schoolboys, Gauleiter grabs the students with jokes. At the Munich University of Applied Sciences, German students gave a dignified response to the honor, German students stood up for their comrades and stood up. This is a beginning to fight our free self-determination, without which spiritual values cannot be created. We would like to thank the brave comrades who have set a shining example!

There is only one slogan for us: fight against the party!Out of the party divisions, in which we are to be kept politically silenced! Out of the lecture halls of the SS-Unter- und -Oberf眉hrer and Party-Kriecher! We are concerned with true science and real freedom of mind! No threat can frighten us, not even the closure of our universities. It is the struggle of each and every one of us for our future, our freedom and honour in a state conscious of its moral responsibility.

Freedom and honor!For ten long years, Hitler and his comrades squeezed out the two magnificent German words to the point of disgust, choked them off, twisted them, as only dilettantes who throw the highest values of a nation before the sows. In ten years of the destruction of all material and spiritual freedom, all moral substance in the German people, they have shown enough freedom and honour for them. Even the dumbest German has opened his eyes to the terrible carnage that they have done in the name of freedom and honour of the German nation throughout Europe and are re-doing it every day. The German name will remain desecrated forever unless the German youth finally stands up, avenges and atones at the same time, smashing their tormentors and setting up a new spiritual Europe.

Students!Students! The German people are looking at us! It expects us, as in 1813 the refraction of the Napoleonic, so in 1943 the refraction of The National Socialist terror from the power of the spirit. Beresina and Stalingrad flare up in the east, the dead of Stalingrad summon us!

“Fresh on my people, the flame signs are smoking!”

Our people are on the rise against the bondage of Europe by National Socialism, in the new faithful breakthrough of freedom and honour!


Sophie Scholl | Bpb

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