Who was the best general Hitler had among himself and why?

I nominate Erich von Manstein[1.Here is a summary of his most notable achievements and mistakes:

  1. For the first German attack on the Western Front[2, von Manstein proposed to lead the attack through the Ardennes[3 , Belgium, which sufficiently flanked the Maginot Line and the Allied Forces.

While this was a strategic[4 mastertrain), a short time later followed the unbelievably fast advance into the English Channel, which was a tactical[5 Bravur.

  • During the early phase of the Barbarossa enterprise[6 (originally the Barbarossa case), i.e. the first attack on the Eastern Front (SovietUnion[7), the Red Army cut off[8 three divisions of the German Army), during its Attack[9 on Leningrad.
  • Manstein launched a counter-attack that saved the divisons while taking over 12,000 prisoners and 141 tanks.

  • From Manstein has taken Crimea[10 in 16 days.
  • When he intercepted a subsequent Soviet attack in eastern Crimea, he captured 170,000 prisoners, 1,333 firearms and 258 tanks. He lost just 8,000 soldiers.

  • When he was then summoned back to Leningrad, he failed to cut off the city’s Soviet supply line.
  • His next great task was to save the 6th German Army[11 in Stalingrad[12).
  • Although he made progress in the first period, Hitler ordered that the 6th Army not be allowed to fight its way in order to join the saving forces. It is now doubtful whether this would have worked if they had done so. But no matter what, this action failed. [13

  • When the Soviets recaptured Stalingrad, the German forces stationed in Caucasus[14) were in danger of being cut off.
  • Von Manstein prevented this by launching a surprise attack near Kursk[15.He captured 23,000 Soviets and 614 tanks. Although Germany lost the battle[16 (Soviets gain a defensive success), besides the last offensive against the Eastern Front, this allowed the troops in the caucasus to escape.




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