Who still remembers the books of Harriet Freezer and Clare Lennart? Are they still readable for young people?

There is a kind of writer that I like to read.This meanders through descriptions of the surroundings of a scene, and then with all aplomb the story to continue.

Because of this, a book comes to life for me, I like to have a picture sketched first, after which I can fill in the margins.I find that many modern writers forget that nowadays, to convey the texture of their described world.

I don’t know the writers, I thought that I knew Harriet Freezer from the Dutch translations of Roald Dahl, who gave me a lot of fun.That turns out to have been her daughter, who worked under the same pen name as her mother. I looked at whether I could find some of her mothers work on the digital library of Dutch literature. There I found a few short stories, including thisone.This was the point on the story where I thought ‘ yes, this is some ‘:

In the Veluwe village where we lived was only one soggy peat section; In the winter there was a small ven and in the summer there was a wealth of flowers and plants, which we found nowhere else.

We found the little purple orchid with the spotted leaves, the Lisdodden, which were called by US Dulen, all sorts of screen flowers and the everywhere swinging IDE with its slender fragrant chalks. Between the golden Green peat moss were small summery mushrooms, tormentil, and small fat plants where we never found flowers, but above all there was the fascinating sundew, which is small plant with the furry leaves, flying, mosquitoes, yes even sometimes whole Butterflies caught to digest them slowly. Over The fields of ferns and reed plumes, large shiny dragonflies flew around and frogs were pluming away in the mud at our approach.

I always had the feeling, as if this place was the threshold to another, exotic, exciting world, but that could possibly also be because there was a special atmosphere around this spot; This whole peat swamp belonged to the neglected terrain of Benting, and Benting was crazy.

There are also some passages that might contain some more action, and I suspect that many readers would skip the description of the landscape.But I think that’s just so beautiful, just that break in the story to see exactly where you are.

So I know Harriet Freezer and Clare Lennart not, but what I could find online from the first I found a nice writing style.I suspect that you may also be asking for their feminist and political texts, so I am not familiar with them either. I will look forward to it.

What struck me in the short biographies of both women online is that they have been in hugely diverse publications, from humorous to serious, household magazines and political, satirical, psychological, children’s books… At Clare Lennart I also saw the title Utrecht.City and province,-is that perhaps the book you talked about before?(that Clare Lennart wrote the most beautiful about Utrecht).

I don’t remember them, but what I saw I found fine reading.There was only not so much online to find, in my short quest. I would like to read more of it, where do you recommend to start?

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