Who knows the meaning of life?

I have been violently depressed for about 12 years.On my 24th I finally came out. These years I barely lived, I was not happy. Life revolves around being happy. In Life It is not the end goal but that you enjoy the journey itself. I try to make myself as happy as possible every day without hindering others. Every good reminder I make is one. Every happy moment I make with it is one. I try to make the most out of life. On my old day I want to say: I have done all I could to do with the time I had, I have achieved as much happiness as possible from my life. Then you are not afraid of death either. I was almost hit by a car last, I was very lucky. I was very scared, I thought of all the time I still had. Life is so rare, you only get a chance to live a moment in a history of millions of years. Some people want to reach certain things that people after your death still feel your influence. I have music online that may still float around forever after my death. But at some point this time is also on and the Earth is in the sun. What is the point of influence? There is no because everything is going. One day everyone has forgotten you and there is nothing more evidence of your presence on Earth. So it is not about the distant future, it is about it now. The people you know now and the moments you are now in. Try to be as happy as possible and tried to make them that you like now as happy as possible. That also makes you happy. Of your laughter, others are happy, but also you. That’s what life is all about.

Life in itself does not make sense, you give your own meaning.In my opinion, the meaning of life depends on who you are and what you want of life.

My life makes sense to me if I can be an added value to the people around me.If I can establish close relationships with others. That I can do things that give me energy. Enjoy the moment.

I have no particular purpose.I don’t need to reach a certain status. I don’t strive to have a lot of money.

I want to be remembered as a person who was good at loving her fellow man.A person with the heart in the right place.


If there is no omnipotent or omniscient creature that has created the world with intent and reason-there is no reason why we exist.Despite there is no reason; Do not have to make the concept of nihilism pessimistic.

On this blank canvas we can shape every idea.You can set your own goals and create your own sense. And it has been proven that people, despite some being depressed, have their own sense of making sure they do not end.

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.So make yours as meaningful as possible!

The ‘ meaning ‘ or ‘ purpose ‘ of your life is not just a fabricated concept!The meaning of life is not only to make yourself to the sentence, but by trying to understand what the meaning of life is, you will find out that your own ‘ I ‘ can give meaning to the meaning of the life of others , so you can get satisfaction from it.

I see the ‘ meaning ‘ of life as a development over the years with all the experiences you experience, growing in consciousness that you can support others through your own experiences, even if only with a smile or an arm around a shoulder.Everyone ‘ learns ‘ from each other, so that (as I hope) it causes a steady growth in supporting each other to a world of empathy, freedom and happiness!

The whole life makes no sense.Neither the life of an individual, nor life as a biochemical process. Life is the result of chemical processes and evolution is based purely by chance. The fact that a self-conscious form of life emerged from the evolution that is questioning this kind of thing is also a coincidence, not a logical outcome. The knowledge that life is meaningless is a liberation. You can give your existence your own meaning without ballast of faith.

There are a lot of people who know the meaning of life.I unfortunately do not.

Life is an experience.A gift for you. Here, jump in and enjoy all the beautiful, fun, boring and terrible things. Goosebumps?

Compare it to go to the BIOS.

The meaning of life is not to need more sense.In other words, to be completely authentic.

With this I want to refer to an understanding of the forgery and tightness of the conceptual mind.It is the conceptual spirit and the belief in its authenticity that the infinite freedom we have in reality is seemingly diminishing. At the same time, it is conceptually thought that we are all literally addicted to a greater or lesser extent.

This is not a reference to nihilism or idealism or any-ism, but an invitation to look completely beyond the tangle of expectations, judgments, desires and definitions.

All these isms are nothing but a bundle of concepts that support themselves on other concepts.Such constructions always fall into each other at a given moment as cards.

Life has meaning is untrue.Life does not make sense is also false. The truth is not to be understood in words. Life is what it is. The question is: how do I tackle my addiction?

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