Who is your favorite philosopher?

My love linsosoph is Socrates.

The famous populist phrase I know I knownothing, which is attributed to Socrates, sounds overly modest.It was transferred incorrectly. Posterity falsely accused Socrates of being socrates.

The formulations I do not know much or I believed to know something that I have now realized that it did not seem more appropriate, because over time the theoretical knowledge can be understood deeper, more broadly and more precisely.
The Chinese sage and author of the Tao Te King Laotse said: Everyone is always so sure [… and to myself it seems as if I am walking on thin ice.

Within the largely consensual security zone of Gaussian distribution curve, there is the conviction that there is certain knowledge (sh.the British Scholars’ Society Royal Society ,on the other hand, the researchers in the new territory of the marginalised are insecure, since there are only a few companions “out there”.

There is no reliable knowledge.When someone says ‘this is proven’, ‘I prove it’, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Dr.Andreas Noack (*1964) German chemist, engineer, inventor, non-conformist seminar leader

Socrates, who, according to his inner voice, did not become a politician, knew about the fragility of the life of a publicly acting statesman who cares about truth and justice.However, he did not adhere to his outward understanding of living a secluded life.

… an [inner voice […, which [… i’m talking about something I want to do [… That’s what I’m opposed to, that I shouldn’t do state business. [… if I [had done it a long time ago to do state business), I would have died a long time ago and would not have used you or myself. Just don’t get angry when I Truth Talk! For no man can sustain himself who, whether you or another crowd, bravely resists and seeks to prevent much unjust and illegal in the state, but who ever in fact wants to fight for justice, [… if he is to be preserved only for a short time, to live a secluded life, not a public one.
Plato (427-347 BC) pre-Christian ancient Greek philosopher, founder of Western philosophy, apology of Socrates, Philipp Reclam jr.Publisher, 1986

Socrates listened to the DAIMON, not the mainstream.He worshipped the inner God, the soul, not the prescribed outer gods.
A life as a politician would have given him an earlier violent death than life as a forum philosopher, who, mainly in young men, “co-ordinated” independent thinking through repeated enquiries.

Neither banishment nor the loss of bourgeois honor, nor the majority opinion, were decisive for Socrates, but the rational philosophical point of view from the point of view of what best the soul was.From his point of view, only the negative effect that would be left on the soul was of evil. From Socrates’ point of view, only a tested life is valuable.

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