Who is the most sexualized superhero of all time?

Power Girl seems to be a popular answer.Her “breast window” makes no sense than to show a cutout.

To be honest, Power Girl has nothing against Dagger in her hand.

Dagger brought the concept of “diving the décolleté” to new ups or downs, if you will.

But if you want to talk about free costumes, nobody beats Red Sonja.

Red Sonja created the concept “Bikini Armor”.

She happens to walk around and shows off her belongings as she commits genocide against her enemies. Whenever you see a video game character devastate hundreds of monsters wearing nothing but a skimpy armor, you pay homage to Red Sonja.

She was born and raised to do nothing but show her butt and breasts in an ultra-non-protective armor, because, you know, she can!

In fact, another popular choice for most sexualized superheroes, Star Fire, was inspired by Red Sonja.

Do you see the similarity? Of course you can, it was intentional. Red Sonja was the model they used to create Star Fire.

In fact, the only hero I can think of surpassing Red Sonja’s free costume is the hero without a costume…. Kekkou Kamen.

Kekkou Kamen, which literally translates as “I agree with a mask,” is a superhero who defeats evil by wearing nothing but a mask, boots and gloves.

Their last move is the “Oppiroge Jump” or as I call it the “Bukaka Drop”.

Yes, it’s the way you imagine it to be.

Because really, if we’re just talking about unnecessary costumes, it doesn’t really get that sexual.

Truly sexualized heroes are like Kekkou Kamen, whose sexuality is at the heart of their concept. Leave it to the perverts in Japan to create the most sexualized superhero of all time.

In American comics, I would like to point out a more sexualized hero who has both a free costume and a concept based on sex.

That would be The Sorcerer – the Asgard goddess who uses her sex appeal primarily to defeat her enemies.

Their superpower is literally to seduce men and get them to fulfill their orders.

A kiss from her will turn you into her willing and happy slave for a week.

And then, of course, we have the ultimate, truly sexualest superhero of all time, the Mandrill.

Look at that!

Just pure sexual perfection. I’ve never seen anyone more sexualized than this hunk of pure testosterone.

His superpower is literally to eject pheromones that the mind controls each female to fulfill each of his commandments.It is the ultimate sexual symbol of sexualized sexuality.

The Mandrill gathers an elite troupe of women to fight for him to serve his reputation, because you know, that’s what superheroes do.

You get groupies.

No one is better at it than the mandrill.

He even beats the other pheromone-powered superheroine, Spiderwoman, without any problems and controls her and wraps her around his amazing…. Finger.

The mandrill.

Know his name, love him, and fear him!

Well, if the mandrill was just a superhero and not a super villain.

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