Who is the most fearsome villain in the Marvel universe of all time?

These in themselves would be three personalities:

1.Oblivion, the personifications of the void outside the Marvel multiverse.He/she used to be seen as a counterpart to Infinity and Eternity and a sibling of Death. In the new Marvel comics, the role has been expanded and Oblivion is more of an opponent of the Marvel existenceitself itself, and his place among the detetities has been taken by Entropy.

2.The Beyonders, multiverse cosmic beings that exist outside the Marvel multiverse but still exist before the realm of Oblivion.You can only turn realities in the Marvel multiverse into crazy playgrounds as children and destroy muliverelle creatures like Infinity, Eternity or The Living Tribunal as adults. With the White Kings (an alternative name for the beyonders) is really not to be fits. Although Thor, together with Hyperion, has killed one, this was based more on the force limitations they have on the edge of the multiverse. At the border, they’re pretty toned. What is perhaps quite interesting about the beyonders is a fan theory on the net that says they are the siblings of One Above-All there in a Howard the Duck-comic this to Howard thought he had created the multiverse only because his superiors considered it interesting thought of the idea. While a beyonder to Thor thought the multiverse was an interesting experiment but everything has to end once. It would be nice to be fitting if the whole Marvel multiverse were no more than the Realiti TV show of the Beyonders.

3.Knull, the God of the Abyss.Knull is a relatively new character and according to the Marvel myth the god who existed in the void before the Celestial began to create the universe. Since it hurts him what she wants to do he destroys life and the light, he killed a Celestial and created in his skull the sword All-Black, the first of all symbiotes. Later he slaughtered himself through creation and murdered everything he could find. Preferably gods. Later he created the breed of Klyntar and Exolons to continue to carve with them until his Avatar body was stopped. Since his true I exists outside the universe, however, he is much more powerful. Of course, Knull’s existence also raises questions. He is a god before and before existence what does he mean existed before the regular Marvel multiverse. But since i remember 8 Marvel multivers, if I remember correctly, and it might even have existed before, the original Knull may not have beheaded a celestial at all, but a beyonder who was there as The One Above-All’s experiment of the Marvel multiverse.

Basically, it’s always the characters that actually exist outside the Marvel multiverse the worst villains because they want to end the existence themselves.

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