Who is the best footballer ever?

Football is the world’s most popular and most watched sport.There is a lot of money going on in the football world, which makes it possible for clubs to create the best trainings, tactics, training and environments for their players. This way, the best and most talented players can get even better.

There were already some incredible football greats around on this planet and in my opinion this is the Top 5 best footballers ever:

#5.John Cruijff

This Dutchman is probably the best game distributor one has ever known.

He was one of the biggest footballers at FC Barcelona and for the Dutch team after he completed and changed their football philosophy and style of play and turned to his hand (or should I say foot?).
It is sometimes said that he reinvented football, by translating tactics clearly and simply.He taught us that football can be very simple and while also effective.
In addition to the incredible passer and dribbler he was, he did more than 293 times the Nets vibrate, in 520 matches.A great achievement. Undoubtedly one of the best ones.

#4.Cristiano Ronaldo

A five-once Golden Ball winner.

The Portuguese goalscorer machine is recognized worldwide as one of the best players ever.
His incredible dedication has made him a fantastic fitness and technique.He can walk at lightning speed, has a very loud yet accurate shot in his two legs, dribbens with sublime skills and is probably the best headper that has ever been there. He is also a good, consistent penalty taker.
All this has helped him to the world top: 4x Champions League winner, 4x UEFA best player of Europe, European Championship winner in 2016 with Portugal, the top scorer in the Champions League history… He scored 679 goals, assisted 218 and this in 950 games.
Incredible player, but is often criticized by his egocentrism and selfish game.Since a few years, his dribble power has also deteriorated sharply. Also, you will never see him make fantastic passing passes.

#3.Diego Maradona

For many of us the best ever thanks to its extraterrestrial dribble ability, which made him a very fast and artful attacker.

He was also a nice game dealer thanks to his good vision of the game. He was a precise free kick taker and was an exceptionally agile player. The ball always stuck very close to his left.
He was the star of the World Cup in 1986.He shot the ball in the nets after passing it on his own by no less than 6 English players, including goalkeeper. Argentina won the game and won the World Cup.
Maradona scored a total of 312 goals in 590 matches.
It is of course regrettable that his career was overshadowed and shortened by drug use and personal problems.Otherwise, he might have been able to stand higher in this list now.


A profiled goalscorer, Pel茅.

He was known for anticipating his opponent in the sixteen and finishing up odds with an accurate and powerful shot with both feet. Pel茅 was also a hard-working team player with exceptional intelligence and vision on the game. Precise fitting ensured that he was able to collaborate beautifully with teammates, giving him a lot of assists behind his name. Despite his small stature, he was also a good headper, thanks to his strong jumping ability. He has been proclaimed FIFA player of the century. A fantastic title!

Thanks to this he has won 3 times the World Cup with Brazil.But, at the first World Cup he played only a few minutes. At his second world championships he was as good as the full tournament injured. In his third World Cup he was not declared a player of the tournament, nor did he score the most goals. So his contribution to these titles is not very big.

He scored a total of 1 283 goals.Extremely.

But, ‘ only ‘ 757 goals (in 812 games) were scored in first class competitions.The other goals are made in friendlies, which also explains why there are so many. Many of these competitions were against teams with a big difference in level, which made it easy to win 20 goals per match. 1 283 is therefore perhaps a deceptive number.

#1.Lionel Messi

Messi has won the Golden Ball 5 times, including 4 consecutive years.

Actually, Messi is in my opinion like Maradona, but just much better. I’ve put Messi on #1 because no other footballer has ever been on this level of dribble, scoring, taking free kicks and passes. He also has an incredible vision. His football-IQ is ridiculously high. It is actually a gift from God that this football brain is incorporated into the body of a man who has this incredible football talent. And he does it even without all those tierlantijntjes. When you look at the footage of Messi on training, he occasionally does some Brazilian skills with the ball. But during competitions, Leo prefers to keep it simple (as did Cruijff) by tapping the ball lightly with the outside of his left foot and keeping his body upright thanks to his good balance and strength. He constantly disembarks defenders with feint movements. Also he will NEVER do a schwalbe. He always wants to get that ball.

He has won the Champions League 4 times, is La Liga top scorer of all time, the only player who has won 5 golden shoes (= Prize for most goals in a season) while he even plays in the midfield.He is the top scorer of all time for Argentina, Barcelona’s top scorer of all time, Argentine World Cup winner in the U20, has won Argentine gold at the Olympic Games and also scored most goals ever in 1 calendar year (91)…
Another aspect is his modesty, humility and generosity: there was a time when the referee whistled for a penalty.Messi could make him to finish his hattrick that match. But instead of taking the penalty itself, he leaves it to Neymar… That’s what I call incredible class. And nevertheless he gets it to be the top scorer.

Each match performs Messi at top level, and that has been on a stretch for 14 years, with a few more years to come.650 goals and 267 assists in 799 competitions, which are only 31 years. He plays from the midfield, so he’s actually a game maker, and yet he scores most goals.

Many coaches and ex-footballers have openly said that Messi is the best footballer ever. Arsene Wenger, Diego Maradona, Pel茅, Wayne Rooney, Ferrer, McDermott, Pep Guardiola, Cassano… The list is endless.And keep in mind that these people are busy with football every day and so they are really at home, they know what they are talking about when they talk about who is the best ever. They know when no one else knows how professional football is. We have come to a point that it becomes embarrassing not to admit that he is the best. People from the box say it, stats say it, images say even more.

A comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, because he has similar stats: Ronaldo walks and searches for the right place to score with his head or feet, while Messi himself creates that space by either walking in a strategic way and his To help teammates, either by dribbling and slalging with the ball stuck on his foot to score either or deliver an assist to others.My point is: Although he is a game dealer and plays lower on the field than Ronaldo, Messi still scores at least as many goals as Ronaldo. This being considered, it is actually ridiculous to compare his stats to that of Ronaldo.

Messi is far ahead of his competitors.He’s just the best footballer ever, the most complete player out there and probably will ever be. Enjoy the magician now that he is standing at the top of the football world for several years.


Nvdr.: Cruijff, Maradona and Pel茅 all played at a time when football was much harder.Defenders did terrible horror tackles without punishments. Obviously no one knows what the influence of this was on their playing style, so I did not take this into consideration to put together my top 5.

PS: English version: Who are the top 5 best football players of all time?.
French version: Qui sont les 5 meilleurs footballeurs dans l’histoire?.

Unequal demand, because top football [certainly after ‘ 95 has evolved so enormously
[So extremely much faster, so incredibly demanding, so incredibly an alien technique asking of really all players, so incredibly can-think-deciding-and-acting in-a-split-second, etc.That the world-top 20 is now automatically the top 20 of all time.
((see also how extremely trained/actual maximum athletes are the biggest footballers now))

No team in the past would have a chance at a European top club today.

That’s why the best footballer ever automatically is the best footballer today
(and with distance): Messi

< more complete, a footballer cannot be, faster in his movements either, an even-sized technique is impossible (and therefore can predict that insight/in advance…) >

(footballers can also assess what they show themselves, but it is better to compare that to the opposition they encountered.For example, the English defenders where Mara Donna ‘ Long-tailed ‘ at the world championships were slow blocks of concrete without technique (with now compared) > that if they were to play now, would not even get the English second division. CRUIJF had (compared to now) at the midfield always seconds to think ‘ What to do next ‘)


Thinking in the zeitgeist of then and now I am going for Johan Cruijff.

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