Who is Karl Pelgrom?

Karl Pelgrom was a son of the bank worker Marinus Paulus Pelgrom and Anna Margaretha Koeten.His father was a communist councils.Pelgrom visited the rijksacademie in Amsterdamin 1942.After the war he taught sculpting and bronze Casting in the studio of John Grosman.He was with, among others, Frans de Boo, Roger Chailloux, John grosman, Guillaume Lo A njoe, Jan sierhuis, Pierre van Soest, Aat increase and Leo de Vries member of the Amsterdam Artist Group Scorpio Group. [1

Pelgrom moved to a vacant farm in Beertain 1962 at the invitation of the Groningen Art promoter Albert Waalkens with his family.From 1966 he taught at the Academie Minerva in Groningen.In 1967 he was one of the initiators of ‘ Beeld en route ‘, the first sculpture Route in the Netherlands.

Pelgrom left the school and was in 1968 one of the founders of the Institute for Creative Work (ICW) in Finsterwolde.The ICW was an artists ‘ collective who opposed the application of the market mechanism to the arts. In 1970, the ICW ceased to exist due to divergence of views.

In His work Pelgrom had a primitivist way of shaping with a tendency towards abstraction, mainly influenced By The Work of Constantin BR脙 垄 Ncu猫鈩?I.He was also inspired by the things he saw during his stay in Indonesia .As a sculptor, he made static figures of stone or wood in which people recognize figures, a given that comes back in his paintings and graphic work.

Pelgrom was married to Else Koch, who became known as a writer under the name Els pelgrom .They are separated in 1975.

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