Who is Judith Butler?

The gender debate was intensified in 1990 with the publication of the book Gender Trouble by the American professor of rhetoric and literature Judith Butler.In it, she examined the question of how best to stir up the gender categories. She proposed re-occupying the language. According to Butler, language is an access to reality and to one’s own body. Butler’s Polish goal is to reoccupy language and concepts and thus determine access to reality.


Judith Butler represents the same “neutrality-at-birth” misconception by the American clinical psychologist, sexologist Dr.John Money.Money, the forefather of gender ideology, was ostensibly a liberal women’s rights activist, but in fact a paedophile child abuser and psycho-educator in the name of his purported science.

Sex and gender are key concepts of evolutionary biology.However, they are used to spread a radical-feminist “gender theory” or “gender theory”. the political agenda of “gender mainstreaming” (GM), a “woman-like-man ideology”, used in a sense-setting way.GM or the sociological “gender studies” can be traced back to Money’s erroneous teachings. Money’s pioneer was Alfred Kinsey, one of the first operators of early sexualization.

See Ulrich Kutschera’s assessment:

  • Part V of the 5-part video interview with Prof.

Dr. Ulrich Kutschera (*1955) German evolutionary biologist, plant physiologist, institute of biology, University of Kassel, Stanford University, author, presented by the German Richard Dawkins Foundation, V.Gender icon Judith Butler: The Moneyist Midwife Wonder, RDF Talk, series “Evolution and Society 鈥?Faith versus Knowledge in the 21st Century”, host J枚rg Elbe, YouTube film, 15:21 minutes duration, discontinued December 19, 2016

Kutschera contrasts moneyism with the findings of gender-appropriate biomedicine (GB), which is based on the evolutionarily formed differences between men and women, and in 2015 for the establishment of a new whole body XY- and.XX-human image.

Men and women are fundamentally different types of human beings within the biospecies Homo sapiens.“The difference between a man and a woman is 15 times higher than between a man and a man.” This state of knowledge of 2014 contradicts the biophobic “woman-equal-man-gender myth”.The social science gender ideology (moneyism) is an anti-Darwinian hypothesis with no factual basis.

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