Who has left the greatest impression on you in your life?

My master in high school.I will never be able to thank him for the time and attention he has given me. Or the love and trust that he has given me.

He is my example.I have had many examples in my life, only those after a time fell apart. But this man is still my example as IE had always been.

You can criticize everyone in my opinion, it’s your right.But o WEEE, when it comes to my master, the turps are done.

I can go deeper to explain why, but that’s veelste much to write on and I don’t want to report those memories here because they are very special to me.

My grandma.

Died of cancer when I was 16. Never again met a man, who was so strongly loving honest and caring. There can be no greatness in the world to match!

Answering this question hurts.

The person who has left the most impression on me is Emmy.

For understandable reason, of course, I do not mention her surname.

Emmy is the wife of my life.I knew her zo芒 鈧劉 n Thirty years ago. I am now one and sixty years old.

Emmy did not want to relate to me because she said that she did not like me sexually appealing.

As a result, I am so severely damaged that I have no more contacts.

I live in a protective living form and I sit on Quora all day, especially in English, to help the Americans of Donald Trump off.

I have no wife, no children, no friends and no girlfriends, because I have no confidence in people anymore and never again meet a woman hoping to love who I like from Emmy and who hurts me so much.

I keep everyone at a distance and sit on Quora all day long to fulfill my mission and make it to the victims of sexual violence.

I live to take up the victims of sexual violence.

I do this on the English version of Quora, by alerting the Americans to Donald Ttump.Trump is a sexist that is accused of sexual assault by more than fifteen women.

He has also made countless very offensive, very insulting remarks about women and has deceived his wife, Melania, several times.

My first partner, Anja, has committed suicide a few years after our relationship was out.

She was sexually abused by her father from her early childhood.

After her death I made myself an oath that I would take it for victims of sexual abuse.

On the English version of Quora I have described my own sexual violence experience.

I am a naxht detained and abused by a gay man on my eighteenth year.

But, to come back to your question, I still often think of Emmy but I tap myself on the fingers if that happens to not do that.

I remember that one day we went walking and we walked over the blushing strip of a highway, without us being able to remember how we came to the hell.



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