Who does you think will be the best chance to win the American political elections of 2020? Why?

From 2016 I follow Kamala Harris.

I think she is the only one who can handle a “fight” with Individual-1.

Her vocabulary, knowledge, general civilization and strong character will irritate him.And an Individual-1 that is irritated makes mistake on error.

I’m not sure if he’s going to win, but I do expect Democratic candidate Andrew Yang to be an important outsider who is currently still very underestimated by the mainstream media.

(From: Andrew’s Story-Andrewyang for President)

His campaign is mainly about the increasing automation of the labour market and how to combat it. In recent years, millions of jobs have been lost to robots in the United States.

The people who suffer and suffer the most are lower-educated, white men in the traditional “swing states” like Michigan and Wisconsin, exactly the people who gave Trump the victory in 2016.

This problem mainly aims to solve Yang by entering a Universal Basic Income (UBI).This means that every adult American will now see $1000 on his account each month. Yang claims that a UBI for a revival can take care of the economy, certainly the economy of lesser areas in the US as for example the “rest belt”. How this is paid? By taxing the biggest profiteers of the increasing automation, namely the mega companies such as Amazon, Facebook and large pharmaceutical companies.

(From: the State of the 2020 Democratic Primary)

At the moment, Andrew Yang is shared 7th in the polls for the Democratic primaries, while a few months ago he was not even counted among the top 15.

I think that winning the primaries will be a bigger challenge than winning the final elections, since Yang has a big advantage over the other Democratic candidates versus Trump. With his solutions, Andrew Yang is also trying to tackle the problems of many Trump voters. He is therefore also pretty good at the Republican voters, given the reactions to his interviews at Fox News and the Ben Shapiro Show.

Andrew Yang has also written a book in which he issues the same problems regarding automation, called “The War on Normal People”.

‘, ‘ You can hardly ask a question that will be answered more with an opinion than this one.I am therefore not going to take a prediction car.
What does stand out: the lack of democracy what Trump exhibits seems to be diametrically answered by the Democratic Party, who believes that something like 25 candidates should be put forward.This excess of democracy can be fatal.
And in terms of rhetoric and policy proposals, you also see the necessary misery: there are candidates who imitate Trump by doing very well and there are those who can overcome their disgust over him but with difficulty.And there is still a lot in between. That has something potsivery.
Meanwhile, there is still a banter on the world’s most important post.And the chance that ‘ IE remains there seems to be getting bigger.
I find the American politics three times nothing.Internally, it will be fascinating, but outwards it is a stage play. If you want to know what exactly happens, you should be in the middle of it or-in my opinion-at least five years later consult Wikipedia to know what political considerations were taken with a particular decision and who was decisive in decision-making. That is also the best way to find out how politics works. This also applies to foreign policy and related diplomacy.
By the way, you must give Trump that by his elephants behaviour and typical Undiplomatic pronouncements, he has in a sense created a novelty that will open up the system with brute force.But what will be the long-term consequences remains to be seen, because diplomacy is usually a long-term political one; The consequences are not immediately visible.

“,” There was a small problem with the previous elections in Belgium.

There was a small problem with the previous elections in the US.

Clarify the “Palace de Nation”, the column of one of the most erudite columnists of Belgium, Rik Van Cauwelaert (69 years old).

Rik Van Cauwelaert-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At this age and with such a curriculum, he can afford to shoot with focus occasionally.

I quote:

“Each election is the perfect measurement of the gap between what the policy presents as truth and what the voter has experienced as truth.This gap has become more sensitive after the last election. “

Also caiman whose fate has always been intertwined with RvC shoots with sharp (I myself have made some words stand out, that was not so in the original):

“The poll that made the standard and the VRT a month before the elections with a lot of Baker, must be the worst ever held, certainly the worst one ever printed.And that’s what to say. There was no miles besides, but light years. The unacceptably wide margin of error of 3 percentage points was also exceeded by half of the parties.

Strong sample of quality journalism for four weeks to grafting your news.And to be silent afterwards in all languages, as if you had not sold the readers Quatsch all the time. It has been a constant since 1991 in all elections and in all referendums, both at home and abroad: it appears that the self-proclaimed quality press has no idea of what lives in the people they notice, and has always been totally surprised by a Reality of which she had not even suspected the day before.There she mourns a fifteen minutes, her own bosom and mirror are fished out of a dusty drawer to look into, and even before the day is half past, she is as old on walking with her ivory tower Betweterij. “

Today, 2019, are the media opinion makers and no longer a source of information.

That’s the phrase you always have to keep in mind when you read something.

In the U.S., Trump’s chance of president was estimated at 2%.

Even I was with it.

A man always seeks confirmation of the own opinion.

One reads only what one wants to read and byends mainly the media that claim something else.

And one doesn’t realise that it’s really not about Trump.

It is about the choice that makes a medium, TV, newspaper, Facebook to carry out a certain popular opinion to get more attention.

More attention is more revenue through advertisements.

For the US, we are fortunate to be able to see and read both Democratic media (CNN, MSNBC) and Republican media (Fox News) to distet the underlying facts from the two camps.

In Belgium This is no longer possible because the media mainly adhere to the same direction.

That they are not fair to that.

But that the opposing thrust is no longer represented is a serious problem which one is still trying to ignore whistling.

Back to the US.

If Trump was presdeint the NYSE and NASDAQ would crash.

Trump would have Alzheimer’s.

Trump would be totally insane.

Trump would receive his orders directly from the Kremlin.

There is nothing from where, although some of those delusions were still around.

Trump is not a good person, not a single president who directs secret services, performs clandestine missions and decides who lives and who is not, is a good person.

All the more so because a president always needs millions for the campaign and that the large companies that are each other often support the counter-candidate.

Don’t make any illusions, no Wall Street CEO will donate a dollar to a homeless in the subway.

The millions he donates to a campaign that are not free money.

Soit, I can only determine today that:

  • Trump was right about Turkey, he has put the local dictator back for several years, the buzzing Turkish economy on which Erdogan surfed, has collapsed, Trump knows like no other how economy determines the fate of politicians.
  • France had no moral objections against Iran’s oil to provide a reasonable anti-western regime of money.

Disgusting, but perfectly possible in Europe that feels elevated above that by poor Americans who continue to adjust the Nato deficits of the EU countries (of self-interest, I know too). Iran’s economy is a ruine.

(screenshot WSJ, 27 June 2019)

EU calls for Trump to be immoral. EU is itself immoral by sponsoring terrorism for its own gain.

  • NK and Rocket Man, Trump used a tactic of insults to smear syrup.

The nuclear war that certainly came according to CNN pundits is not coming. NK is dry, because the supply of products that the previous presidents have been allowed to become more stringent is now being monitored.

  • China gets the red carpet in Europe, buys up European ports (really), rolls out the telecom networks and sells phones that collect data.
  • They have made various industries disappear in the EU because they were able to spend a lot of money under the price (even losing money) which eliminated competitors and became the market of them. Tech Giants closed production in the West and were exclusively assembling in China. The risk is for the buyers of the phones and tablets. Only money counts.

    No one can predict what the impact of Google is on delivering our search results.One of the top people (Eric Schmidt) was actively engaged in the presidential campaign of Hillary in 2016. Google is now under fire for the huge power they have through dominating browser (chromium is even used by Microsoft for their browser now, Firefox is paid by Google) and search results. Youtube demonetises (Videos you earn money from) based on a non-transparent algorithm.

    Before the elections of 2016 I was already following Scott Adams.He predicted a Trump win. I was not convinced.

    Adams is an exceptionally intelligent man, a lot more than his Dilbert reveals.

    With the economic peak and lowest unemployment, Trump has the best papers.

    The Democrats have plunged massively into the Trump “Impachement” hoax.

    They have forgotten that policy also matters.

    In addition, AOC is someone who is highly educated, young and very good in social media.

    She exhibits a number of traits of a persuasion master (as Steve Jobs was one, Trump is,…).

    She is too young to be allowed to go for president (legal) but she is certainly a future candidate.

    Perception is everything and at this moment she ensures that her party is associated with socialism of the type Venezuela.

    Real Republicans are allergic to socialism.

    Real Democrats are for socialism.

    But the centre voters and “swing voters” are not really for socialism that is associated with Venezuela.

    Perception is always the way elections are determined.

    Again, for or against does not matter.

    It’s about knowing who is the one who does a correct prediction.

    A prediction of 2% chance that Trump became president, makes the whole medium unreliable for the opletor.

    That’s why I read both the websites of CNN, WSJ, MSNBC, NYT and Fox News.

    What the one does not tell (because it does not fit in their story) you are sure to read from the opponents.

    I want to derive the information so that I can form an opinion myself.

    I do not need the opinion of left and right, I am perfectly able to form my own judgement.

    So I have to take the information from both positions.

    Trump and why!He does what he has promised. If you follow his speeches you will see that he is doing this in full stadiums and he does not use teleprompter but does it out of his head. He responds to the public and answers questions. He is not politicians who come with the same chewed speeches. He is not PC but right in front of his turnip.

    Indeed, he is often clued and not diplomatic and other professional politicians cannot gauge him, but he gets a lot for each other.North Korea, lower taxes, tighter surveillance with the border of Mexico. No one has ever said anything about Obama who has deported 2.5 million illegal immigrants but once Trump does something then the world is too small. Kennedy and B. Clinton were both infidelity and have had series Affaires but were not talked about. In 2005, Trump made a sexist remark and it is still being used.

    And the hysterical leftist snowflakes will make sure that the ordinary working American is going to vote for Trump again.

    This is just a speculating answer to a speculative question, and I will not want to pretend to be someone who is able to answer it qualifying.

    As the question goes.. Who in my opinion makes the best chance..

    Let me put first of all that I think Trump will be re-elected, who will be the Democratic opponent.

    Point 1

    I’ve traveled a lot through the US over the last 5 years, and I can tell you that in almost all States (except New York, Colorado, Washington and California) President Trump is unlikely to be popular and widely accepted in all walks of life.

    In general, the media Trump paints as badly as possible, regularly, but often unjustifiably unfounded.

    Trump and his administration have done a lot of good things (from the point of view of most Americans), and the residents are far from ready with him.Better said.. They beg for more Trump.

    These average Americans, which is the vast majority of Americans, are never taken into picture for one second (because Pietje and Beppie’s opinion is not enough for TV), and therefore it seems as if the majority of the population is against him.

    So that’s my first point.. The majority love Trump and think he’s doing it very well.

    Point 2

    My second point is that, partly because of the large number of candidates on the Democrats ‘ side, democratic values are being fragmented and thus cannot convey a unified vision to their voters.

    After all, a socialist Sanders has quite different plans and agendas than a capitalist Warren.

    Currently there are 25 Democrats in the race for the nomination and all of them bring up points where one can find themselves, but none of the voters can feel 100% supported in no VD candidates.

    This is different from the one-man show Trump, which is supported faithfully by the current voters.

    I think Joe Biden currently has the best chance of being nominated for the Democrats because he can still effectively lean on the Obama effect from the past few years, and in addition he has demonstrated excellent leadership and political qualities.

    However, I think that this political era (2016 -2024) will be Trumps ‘ era.

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