Who do you look up to the most?

Hey Jonas

it’s an extraordinary story you have with your neighbor.

If I understand this correctly, look up to her because she has no scruples and does what she wants and what she likes.

And by chance you have the on the eyes (and in your ears) day by day.

I understand that there is a fundamental admiration for this.It’s just too seductive when you think about it like that.

Allow me to contribute to the topic:

My admiration for someone is extraordinary as with you, I think.

There’s a man I met on line through a program similar to Quora, about eight months.(Although far from as good as our Quora and I are fixated on them).

First we got to know each other in the forum.Our contributions surprised each other how much we share the same views. He had made a proposal to establish a “one to one” mailbox and that’s what we did.

These letterboxes are offered to us by the organization and I have some (mostly ladies).

– Okay we enjoyed discussing some things just between us.

We were very comfortable with it.Eventually we decided to “self-employed” and started to “talk” via e-mails.

Through these mails we got to know each other well over time.What we learned about ourselves and our life – Journey had us very much impresed on both sides and we found an admiration for us.

I’ve been through so much in my life and it’s been the same with him.

So many comparable survival scenarios that we had in common – unlikely.

For example – I survived a very bad crash landing on a plane.(I had already said my “fare well” to me). Around the same time, he was rescued from the Ocean by a Japanese helicopter after his ship went down after an accident (he is a naval engineer) – after he had already said his farewell prayer….

It has been so settled between us for a long time that we exchange letters once a week where we still learn new things about ourselves and also inform each other what is going on and help each other out in our emerging problems with advice.

This man one has strict principles and is so insightful, so benevolent, wise ….. just such a high class of human beings that I have never met before in my life.

And so he thinks about women, for example: “Women – he thinks – are the finest and most beautiful creation of God.Women must be respected and no one should be allowed to hurt a woman – physically or psychologically.”

In the end, we also exchange pictures of my daily life and his – he also has a little grandson already and very proud of him.

Meim Credo: I look up to this man.I admire him so much that he is my role model and my hero.

I’ve never met him in person.But I have to say that my whole life runs “long distance” _ my whole family and the best friends are as scattered in the world as the stars in the universe.

He’s -long distance- my hero.

I can tell you one thing about him: he is a Muslim.I do not belong to any religion. It doesn’t matter.

🙂 M

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