Who do you like the best actor or actress from the Netherlands?

Carice van Houten I find indeed a good Dutch actress.However, there are other actresses that I also like, such as Halina Reijn and Famke Janssen. I also find both actresses beautiful and have a special look. Especially Famke Janssen also has a classic face.

Vijay Rahalan [1

Jack Jackson [2

Coincidentally Halina Reijn has played together with Carice van Houten in Black Book (2006)[3 .

Speaking of Black book , I think Sebastian Koch is also a good actor, but he is not a Dutchman.

As far as Dutch actors are concerned, I find Jeroen Krabb茅 good.I have seen a lot of films from him, both Dutch and international. He can interpret several roles and his career has lasted more than half a century.

Jeroen Krabb茅 has also played in this controversial film [4[5

I hope I have answered this question.

Thank you for asking me this question Thom Schuit (Quora user).


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Carice van Houten I like to play (without having looked at the link first!)

Carice van Houten

Johnny Kraaykamp Senior.

‘, ‘ That is an Inkoppertje: The three Manne ‘ of Jiskefet; Michiel Romeyn, Kees Prins and Herman Koch.Even in their least funny pieces is their acting of on-Dutch high class.

“, ‘ Thierry Baudet.

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