Who do I have to vote for in the provincial elections? I have been looking forward to the lie-like rural parties but do not want to support the extreme right. What now?

Delve into their programs, though it’s a shortened version, and compare with your own ideas.If you don’t have a sense or time to do so: see who you find trustworthy. And then you will not soon come to (extreme) right, that is indeed so.

Rural parties are not lying.Not even the parties I am not voting on. They have starting points to control a country, but ALWAYS have to cooperate with other parties,because there is no single party that has a majority. Happy.Then you would get US states with every few years back-and-forth policy.

You seem to think that a compromise close is a lie, but concluding a compromise is to bring in your wishes of what is really feasible!

I would then vote on the animals ‘ Party.The Christian union also plays few political games and says what it stands for. Of course, the power corrupts, because you have to take many more interests into account.

Other options are blank voices or make your vote void.

If you know someone who is on the list you can vote for that person.

We live in an open democracy and it is very easy to get to know politicians personally.This is just lobbying, either they are in the corridors, the lobby, meet.

You can also simply go to a council meeting.

You can also look up what they are talking about by looking at the agenda, and downloading the pieces.Calling officials is also very instructive. If you want to know more than you can then just ask for a certain piece, or to pieces about a Bevaalde case. It is also useful to look into a code. Many procedures are described.

What you do nothing at all is to keep a good eye on the zoning plans.You can also react to this. If you do that with good arguments, they might take over.

A council meeting was held yesterday, then, in the mind-blowing, the mayor greeted me just a fraction of a second rather than me.

So you can also have your influence as a citizen.We do not live in China, where I would have been beaten by a few friendly secret agents for a long time, or worse. We have the power, so why not seize it.

All of us are ordinary people.Someone who speaks to you today on an equal footing can be an alderman or a member of the Chamber tomorrow. That makes them a little less reachable, but you are no less recognizable.

A neat party does not exist.Driving is dirty hands making, this lies in the nature of driving itself. The only way out is to choose an anarchist or libertarian society where no government exists. But as long as there is a government there will necessarily be human, and therefore often wrong or immoral, decisions to be taken.

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Just check out the party programs of all parties.Incidentally, there is no extreme right among the Dutch parties so you don’t have to worry about it.

Good comment.A good knowledge of me (with voting rights) is drawn on one side to vote for the SP and on the other side to vote VVD. What to do? Blank voices are not included.

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