Who are some of the most deplorable actors of all time?

The list stretches for miles and ranges from Lindsay Lohan’s fall in Hollywood,

And Keanu Reeve’s tragic life with a series of unfortunate events,

Charlize Thereon, who grew up with an abusive father and watched her mother shoot her father while she was 15.

None of them, however, struck me like this man’s story; he was definitely one of my favorite actors growing up,

Do you remember him?

What is the situation now?

This is Brendan Fraser, lead cast in the Mummy trilogy (1999) as Rick O’Connell,

Journey to the center of the earth as Prof.

Trevor Anderson,

George of the Jungle and Inkheart.

The 90s and 2000s were years for Brendan, in which he appeared in various blockbusters and was one of the leading faces of Hollywood.

But slowly he fell off the radar and the only places where he has been mentioned since then were mostly blogs of “Where’s Brendan Fraser?”.

In a recent interview with GQ, Brendan came up with a story that would shock the world about how he suffered sexual harassment from a power figure in Hollywood.

In 2003, Fraser was invited to a lunch organized by Philip Berk , the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

Fraser then described what happened when he shook Philip Berk’s hands

His left hand reaches around, reaches for my ass cheek and one of his fingers touches me in the “spot” – and he starts to move it.

I felt sick.

I felt like a little kid. I felt like there was a ball in my throat. I thought I was crying.

I became depressed.I blamed myself and I was unhappy – because I said, “That’s nothing; This guy grabbed around and he got a feeling.’

It made me retreat.It made me feel like I was withdrawn.

I don’t know if this led to disgrace among the group, at the HFPA, but the silence was deafening.

Fraser knew this was a man with the power to easily destroy an actor’s career.So at that time, full of fear and shame, he decided not to tell the story.

He went on to explain

Am I still scared?

Absolutely. Do I feel like I have to say something? Absolutely.

Have I wanted too many, many times?Absolutely. Did I stop myself? Absolutely.

After the incident, Fraser shamefully withdrew home.Unfortunately, it wasn’t so good at home either.

But this wasn’t the only thing that brought Fraser’s world down.

His mother died in 2016 a few days before an awkward YouTube interview.The interview went viral. People made a meme out of it and called it ” sad Brendan Fraser ” without knowing that his mother had just died.

This series of events took a toll on his body.After a series of surgeries, he was forced to retire from stunt work, so he decided to spend more time with the family.

Soon after, his eldest son was diagnosed with autism.He said;

Griffin is diagnosed on the autism spectrum and so he needs extra love in the world, and he gets it – and his brothers, (Holden, 13, Leland, 11).

Since they were small, one has always been the speaker and the other the executor.

Soon after he and his wife divorced, it was a court case and it was decided that Fraser would pay his ex-wife 50,000 dollars a month in marriage benefits, along with an additional 25,000 dollars a month for child benefit.That’s a total annual sum of 900,000 dollars, an amount that Seems to have driven Fraser out the money he barely had.

Fraser made no mention of his divorce during the interview.

He ended the interview with a smile and said:

“I feel much better now,”” he said.

It’s just inspiring to see them going through so much and yet becoming the faces that inspire generations.

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