Who and where would you like to watch a day?

In 2011 my wife and I got to know Mr. Bouyssou, near Cahors, southern France.

We bought some bottles of wine at his chateau, were given a tour and soon it became clear that Mr. Bouyssou almost completely overwhelmed me in every area.

Mr. Bouyssou is a winemaker, but Mr. Bouyssou does not only understand grape varieties and the vinification process.

  • Mr. Bouyssou is also a phenomenal salesman.

Especially my wife, but I too, are usually very cautious, but with Mr. Bouyssou we have once bought for almost €900 of wine.Only when we walked back to the car did we wonder how we could all take it back in the name of God. A large part has been in the basement for half a year.

  • Mr. Bouyssou is extremely commercial, sees and immediately grabs opportunities where they show.

His country borders the “Lot”, a river.It struck him that there were more and more pleasure boats and small cruise ships passing by. Within a few months there was a very inviting jetty. With large plates It was made clear that a free refreshment can be obtained. This proved lucrative. Cruisegoers obviously love wine.

  • Mr. Bouyssou is particularly charismatic.

He is one of the organizers of the annual Harvest Festival.If you have ever participated in that, then there is at least one person you will never forget, and that is Mr. Bouyssou. Mr. Bouyssou talks with everyone just as easily, and gives everyone he is facing, however short, his full attention. You feel, in his eyes, the most important person in the world.

  • Mr. Bouyssou is smarter than the rain radar.

If the rain radar reports that the sun is shining tomorrow and the barbecue can go outside, then I’m in the grocery store an hour later, but if Mr. Bouyssou looks at the top and says that it will rain tomorrow, it will really rain tomorrow too and is not barbecued.

  • Mr. Bouyssou is a rock-hard worker.

I have participated in the Harvest festival several times.The day begins between the vineyards. For an hour you have to cut off your grape bunches which are then collected. I am physically a strong boy, but I was completely broken.
Mr. Bouyssou almost alone has 25 hectares of vineyards and does this with a big smile on his face.

If I could look at someone for a day, then it is with Mr. Bouyssou at his chateau in Cahors, because there is no one who could teach me as much as he did in a day of time.

There I had to think about it, someone is invoking or someone unknown?Then someone like Máxima or 1 of her daughters comes upstairs, more because I know a little about what Máxima is doing and because I actually have no idea how her day really looks like.

Marisa Papen.She travels around. Where does not matter and I will not only look, but also participate in its activities

At Bob Ludwig in the Gateway Studio in Portland.

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