Which WordPress plugins are highly recommended?

Some plugins that are not yet so well known follow here.This includes, among other things, the…

….Broken Link Checker

  • Especially those who are aware of the importance of blog articles should definitely check whether the current references on the website are still working.

Therefore, the Broken Link Checker as a WordPress plugin can provide useful services. Links can also play an important role in the ranking factor.

  • Especially when urls are adjusted or pages are redirected for other reasons, it is important from time to time to fundamentally check the links on the homepage.
  • The Broken Link Checker takes on this important task impeccably. So if you want to check the condition of your links, you can’t miss the Broken Link Checker as a WordPress plugin.

    SEO WordPress Plugin: SEO Yoast

    • A classic wordPress plugin is SEO Yoast.

    All texts can be edited extensively with SEO Yoast. The automatic display incl. an SEO audit make the plugin an indispensable tool in everyday blog life.Especially if a ranking in search engines is desired, it is important to work with SEO Yoast.

    Yet another Stars Ranking

    • If you want to have your articles evaluated, you can achieve great success with the plugin “Yet another Stars Ranking”.

    Each item can be evaluated. After a certain number of reviews, this information also appears in the Google search results. In this case, your contribution will stand out from other providers. The likelihood of your post being clicked increases logically.

  • The resulting Rich Snippet is also displayed as a search entry and thus provides social proof.
  • Another reason to read an article. This WordPress plugin must not be missing if your posts are to stand out in the future.

    Anti Spam Bee

    • The Anti Spam Bee plugin is definitely a great WordPress plugin to significantly reduce useless spam comments.

    The automatic spam detection, does not cause unnecessary spam in the first place and prevents incorrect backlinks.Spambee also ensures that your blog is spared numerous entries. This WordPress plugin is therefore worth it if your blog has already achieved a certain popularity.

    SEO WordPress Plugin: WP Rocket

    Anyone who knows WordPress knows WP Rocket.This WordPress plugin optimizes your page load time with numerous adjustments. below:

    • Summary and minimization of HTML, CSS, and JS
    • Summary of Google Fonts
    • LazyLoading for pictures, videos and iframes
    • Database Cleanup

    As a WordPress plugin so absolutely recommended.Especially when the blog has problems loading, WP Rocket can give the right boost.

    Secret Tip: Advanced Bulk Edit

    A WordPress plugin that just speeds up the clear overall editing is Advanced Bulk edit.Especially if you have lost sight of Meta descriptions or the categories no longer fit, you can make adjustments for many articles at the same time with this plugin.

    Have a lot of fun with it.

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