Which websites should you know that are helpful and interesting?

The most useful websites by search engines are feed readers like Feedly.

Feedly is like a follow button for blogs and websites.

However, there is no filter and no algorithmas on Facebook and co.

Instead of viewing your favorite websites individually, you’ll see all updates in a clear web app or app.

With categories and filters, it is possible to keep track of 500 or more websites.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Feedly, there are many more feed readers, e.g. Bloglovin or Inoreader.

Read on for all information and tips on feed readers.

Other important websites are for me:

  • Pocket to read article later
  • Pocket to Kindle automatically sends items to Kindle
  • PIQD with readable articles by category
  • uBlock is one of the most powerful addblockers
  • Meetup shows you thematic meetings in every major city
  • Mydealz is the most active German bargain site
  • Google My Maps lets you save info as a map
  • Google Docs is a better office with collaboration
  • Wikivoyage is the free travel guide for the whole world
  • Rome2Rio knows how to get from A to B.

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