Which travel tips have saved you a lot of money?

[“Not all cost-saving rules, but it’s useful. If you really want to save on everything drastically and you are knocking on the chest that you have just circumvented by your intelligence ‘ the system ‘, you may be able to get nasty surprises.

  • Don’t let the Internet stop you from calling the hotel or the airline yourself
  • Internet sites keep track of your cookies : They notice that you are repeatedly viewing a hotel and/or flight, they increase the price
  • read carefully the information about hidden costs, cancellation conditions, surcharges for overweight baggage, etc.
  • round trip: See also the offer of car sharing, train fares
  • Check the weather conditions at your destination on your planned travel dates
  • If possible: try to negotiate a cash discount from your hotel room
  • Try to estimate the occupancy of hotels.

Is that low, negotiators over a rebate

  • See the location of the hotel to know if there are supermarkets nearby
  • (USA) View brochures, etc. and make use of coupons (discount coupons)
  • If you bring liquid products , stick them tightly and wrap them in plastic bags
  • bring enough ziplock bags: You can get rid of your metal items that are scanned, snacks for the flight
  • Insert your large travel bag into a plastic pouch (luggage is often in the pouring rain).
  • Many airports have a service that envels and low price your suitcase with plastic foil

  • Ideal hand luggage: 2 Shopping bags (insert one in the other) or use a garden material bag
  • At your hand luggage, insert a folder (A4 size) WITH copies of ID documents, reservation documents, debit cards (Recto-verso), useful tel.
  • NRS, Invoice of your home bought expensive camera, netbook, prescriptions for medication etc. In a waterproof pouch with zipper

  • Create a table where you set the value of the local currency next to that in Euro (also useful for temperatures, sizes and weights)
  • Do not exchange currencies in airports
  • Book Best no hotel in airports
  • Provide emergency baggage If you need to miss your luggage for a while (fill your lens holder e.g. with toothpaste and face cream)
  • In case of baggage loss: photograph the contents of your travel suitcase before departure
  • For example, lunch bags can
  • Fine toilet bags are

  • Limit the colors of the clothes you bring to 2
  • Take some insulation tape with it: stick a metre of it on a pencil
  • Insert scissors into your travel suitcase
  • Use a colourful travel suitcase (for example, paste it.
  • Pieces of insulation tape that form a cross, make your suitcase easily recognizable) “,” when eating first look where the locals are going to eat. These restaurants are often quite unobtrusive but their food is always better than in the tourists (traps) restaurants.

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