Which supposedly healthy foods are actually unhealthy?

The biggest dietary myths concern whole grains, vegetable oils and raw foods.

Our food products are living beings that protect themselves against predators.And since plants usually cannot run away, they have bark, shells, thorns and chemical defenses that attack and damage predators.

Cereals and whole grains

The defences of the plant seeds are mainly in the shell, so that whole grains with shell contains most toxins, lectins and anti-nutrients.

It is argued that the whole grain shell contains protein, nutrients and minerals.However, this “protein” is an indigestible antibody and antibody of plant seed.

Additional enzyme inhibitors inhibit our digestive enzymes, so that undigested food in the intestine leads to rot, poison formation and intestinal diseases.

For this reason, cereals, wheat and whole grainsare rather unhealthy.

Vegetable oils

The situation is similar for vegetable oils, because here too ingredients damage our health.

  1. Omega-6 fatty acids are direct precursors to prostaglandin inflammatory hormones and thus pave the way for allergies and autoimmune diseases.
  2. Phytoestrogens in vegetable oils interfere with our own hormone control.
  3. Oils such as rapeseed oil contain poisons from the outset, which is why they used to be used as pesticides in the field.
  4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids of vegetable oils become rancid and toxic during air contact and heat.

Vegetable oils for baking and frying are therefore not a good idea.


The topic of raw food is also very controversial.While, on the one hand, the complete nutrient balances of fruit and vegetables are cited, the actual bioavailability must be considered.

Thus, vitamin contents per se are irrelevant if the vitamins remain enclosed in the plant fiber.Only cooking loosens and opens the plant fiber, which makes the ingredients and vitamins available to us.

Likewise, it is rather a problem if the intact anti-nutrients of the raw food prevent the digestion of the food pulp in the intestine, and thus lead to rotting and poison formation in the intestine.

Instead of whole grains, vegetable oils and raw foods, I recommend the following:

  1. White flour instead of whole grain.

Soaking and germinating from whole grain to seed bread. Spelt instead of wheat.

  • Never heat vegetable oils.
  • Butter lard instead of vegetable oil.
  • If vegetable oil, then olive oil.
  • This is the healthiest vegetable oil.

  • Especially in winter avoid raw food.
  • In summer, raw fruit and leaf salads are a healthy dietary supplement.

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