Which subscriptions are worth their money?

So I do not think that this question can be answered in a blanket way.But I assume that you – like many others – like you like to listen to music and watch movies.

In my opinion, the Spotify subscriptionis most worthwhile of my subscriptions.I pay 14.99 for 6 people (family subscription) and enjoy my music at any time. Be it offline or online/streaming. It’s one of those subscriptions That I don’t want to miss anymore.
Price for Spotify: 14.99€/month

Otherwise, I have Amazon Prime Video (Prime as a student) and Netflix in the Ultra HD/4K package for movies.At Amazon, I don’t even know what I pay each month, but a tiny amount compared to how often I order on Amazon and save on shipping costs and even use premium shipping. I use Netflix with 3 other people and pay 13.99 for it. The choice of films is sometimes a bit limited, but there are some very good films underneath and also, in my opinion, rather significant, good series. Amazon offers a variety of movies “free” – if you have Prime – and there’s every (Western) movie there, but it’s about 4-5 euros to borrow for 48hours.
Price for Netflix 13.99€/month

I could do without Netflix personally, as I watch few series – but for a cosy movie night with wife/friends, that’s perfect.However, I would be reluctant to give up my Amazon Prime subscription as I regularly order from Amazon and the shipping saving is already worth the money.
In short, amazon Prime also gives you Twitch Prime for free and can give a streamer of your choice some money every month, respectively.to give. In addition, you get a selection of emotes, which I don’t necessarily find decisive now. But you get games and in-game content from time to time for games like Warframe etc.
Price for Amazon Prime 34€/year

Otherwise I still have DAZN, because I love watching football incredibly.I have all sorts of sports on offer. Whether it’s big boxing matches or MMA fights, it’s usually offered. Depending on whether you can get excited about sports, you will like DAZN.
Price for DAZN – 9,99€/month

In my case, I work very specifically in a study, where I also deal with design and therefore use Photoshop regularly.In addition to Photoshop, I like to use aftereffects for my hobby (video editing).
I have Adobe Creative Cloud with all the programs in it and pay a significantly lower price as a student.I doubt that I would continue to use the subscription when I finish my studies. It is simply too expensive.
Price for Adobe CC – 15.94€/month

These are at least the ones I am using at the moment.:)

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