Which sport is suitable for very sensitive persons, besides swimming?

It depends of course on the spot of the injury sensitivity.

  1. The injuries you get by wrong contact, so go through your ankle, twisted knee, etc.

You can avoid this by not doing a contact sport, but a sport where you can keep control (tennis, badminton, squash), most non-team sports.
But these kinds of injuries can also come through the ground (you only have to bend on a lawn, or while running in a ditch)
Good training (coordination, better posture, stronger muscles) can improve things, but an accident is not prevented.

  • High impact injuries.
  • For example, when running outdoors. Because of the shocks, your knees, or your shin, are getting hard to endure.
    So avoid sports where you have to handle blows on your bones/muscles.
    Incidentally: by taxing well (quiet, low impact training) You can avoid this well.

  • Heavy sudden load (incite in sprint, etc) can lead to a hamstring injury and that kind of business.
    The solution here is to train, train, train.
    Or choose a sport in which there is no sudden load.
  • Prolonged too heavy load.
  • By far the most injuries are caused by an at that time just too heavy load, or too long a load.Here’s the motto: Don’t go too far above your limit and take time to recover.

    So there are a lot of sports you can do, if you make sure your body is conditionally good (and condition means more than just endurance, but also coordination, strength, speed and agility)

    But.. Which sports can be done reasonably safely, besides swimming

    Cycling: Low impact, little chance of contact injuries.Take a good road bike and adjust well (other neck and back problems). If you have a lot of suffering, I can recommend the hybrid bike (crossing road bike and mountain bike). There you are just a little judge.

    On a mountain bike the forests in is also very advisable.Less burden of neck/back (because your right is on the bike).

    Training on Crosstrainer and treadmill make you ready for outdoor running.
    And for outside, you can use a good schedule.I myself started last year with running schedule made by the sports doctor , I have always been bothered by my hips and knees when running.With this schedule: never bothered and I walk now with no trouble 5 km.

    Finally: Fitness Training (Group training at gyms (full body, core, GRID variants) are also fun to do (and yet a bit with a group).Slowly build up here too.

    I also had to think about swimming immediately because your body is less heavily taxed in the water, but you ask for alternatives.I myself have been running for 17 years, but unfortunately running is known for injuries… But with the right running shoes you come a whole end.

    Furthermore, I would think that Pilates is also good, because you build up quietly and strengthen your body.

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