Which sport is best to fall off?

A sport you like.It doesn’t really matter much how much you burned per session, but that you are consistent and this is going to be easier than if you already like it (motivation does not grow on the tree), you have to create the right conditions that you have on the threshold Help if you don’t see it anymore.

If you don’t find the gym, go jogging, a team sport, martial arts, go bouldering or cycling.Next to your weight goal, make sure there is another endeavor. In the base, a distance in a certain time, a difficulty level can be higher with climbing. Get positive feedback, if you couldn’t do something and now, be happy and proud of yourself.

Good luck!

I am not a supporter of sports to fall off.If someone does it for his health, fitness, fun and for kick, that’s a better motivation. The best sport is that you can best sustain for long term. Where are you the most motivated?

  1. Indoor or outdoor sports?
  2. Alone or together?
  3. Music or T. V there or silence?
  4. How much time do you have before?

Unless on medical prescription or in a very unhealthy lifestyle, I depress diets and sports if the goal is to fall off.If you eat healthily and move reasonably and feel good, please be satisfied. Your body cannot be fooled and sustainable weight loss is therefore very difficult.

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Only with endurance sports do you lose in such a short time, as much weight as possible.Running is the most efficient. There are ‘ start to run ‘ clinics every half year where you can start running.

Should that not be something for you than the following: I recommend you not only to start, all the moves you make when running are movements that will repeat your “thousands” of times in a short time.If you do these movements wrong, you get injuries and you fall out. A club can also, but not only. Trainers correct your posture, if a friend can do this, well, but not only. Running is some injuries a “less fun” sport, especially if you run wrong. And yes, you can walk wrong, however strange that may sound.

Climbing sport.

Basketball is eminently a very versatile sport.

The best way to quickly fall off is to my experience by eating less, eating healthier and exercising regularly.I have tried something new last month which might be of interest to you. It’s quite radical though, but the results are really good (though I say it myself). Normally I don’t answer these kinds of questions because I don’t really know anything about it but I wanted to share my specific experience with you.

In February I weighed 89 kg with a length of 184 cm. That equates to a BMI of about 26, with which you fall into the “overweight” category.I knew I had arrived but were actually classified as overweight, I found it shocking, time to go to the bucket!

I do not like diets, because in Jakarta it is quite difficult for me to get to the products that you can still have (because it is not there, because it is very expensive or because I am in the traffic jam for 2 hours to get to the right supermarket).In the search for a solution to my diet I came across “Intermittent Fasting”. This means that you do not necessarily pay attention to what you eat, but when you eat. You give yourself a time frame of 8 hours a day (or shorter) and outside you drink only water. Of course, it is not intended that you fully propagates yourself within 8 hours. For example, you can find many good examples on Youtube.

After I started with IF I started playing sports again.I just do home exercises with a fitness app (I use 8Fit). Approximately 15/20 minutes per day. I try to do it daily, but that doesn’t always succeed. On average I do it now 5x a week.

I quickly noticed that I was going to feel a bit more vital and I started losing weight.I found it very easy to keep me to the IF schedule of 8 hours. I initially proceeded on a schedule of 6 hours, but I also found that very good to do. At one point I switched to a diet of 1 meal per day. As I said, this is quite radical. The first weeks it was difficult, but now baccus reasonably used to it. I do drink water/coffee/tea during the day, and at 20 o’clock I eat a meal. In addition I take some supplements. I lost just over 6kg in a month. Obviously I’m not going to do this the rest of my life, but for now it’s okay. After this I go back to an IF schedule.

I definitely recommend you to have a look at a schedule that is focused on time interval instead of diet for losing weight because for me personally it has worked very well!

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