Which remedies have helped you most to lose weight?

By just eating a lot less, when I was still working I was a stress-eater, at once a day at the end of my long working day between 9 and 11 o’clock ‘ savonds, then I ate a lot, followed by some tasty sweets of which there are so many of them.

After my retirement I was relaxed, I saw that of prediabetes I was working on developing clinical Type 2 diabetes, the late mother and a brother also had sugar sickness, also the grandpa from Mother’s side and the late her brother.
In those days, the first preliminary publication of the English Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle upon Tyne Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalisation of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver Triacylglycerol was published on a Superlayer 600 Cal Diet in which all antidiabetic Medicjnen were discontinued without extra body effort that helped all 12 obese type 2 diabetics in three maandern of their diabetes, which I was very critical of, but since I had nothing to Lose after a long thought but its going to lose weight by mainly not eating starch-containing vegetables mostly as soup or stir-fried 1 kg/day, 1 kg is only 300 Cal., if stir-fried 100 Cal for the oil, plus a few pieces of fruit a 60 Cal , a 100 gram or so oily fish/chicken UNEEA 250 Cal, and this a few months sustained, it should have been together about 700-750 Cal/day.
With this I fell 12 kg slowly in a few months, and I am back to prediabete.
In the meantime, the group of Professor Roy Taylor had published their second article Very Low-Calorie Diet and 6 months of Weight Stability in Type 2 Diabetes: Pathophysiological Changes in responders and Nonresponders , which it appeared after 6 month after the same 600 Cal Diet 40% have brought their diabetes into remission, which sounded a lot more realistic.

Despite that in both studies of Professor Taylor people were not prescribed any extra bodily effort, I first did 20 minutes, later 30 minutes a day to simple gymnastics exercises on a gym mat onpde ground in the living room, and 30 Minutes on the spot.

An old study from 2006 Effect of 6-Month calorie Restriction on Biomarkers of Longevity, Metabolic Adaptation, and Oxidative Stress in Overweight Individuals had already shown that extra exercise at a Calorie-reduced diet did not require additional Weight loss showed, a very low calorie diet there, though:

I’m going to move to prevent muscle loss T.G.V. losing weight partially, at 73 years I must really avoid losing muscle tissue.

This article from 2019 Physical Activity Energy Expenditure and Total Daily energy Expenditure in Successful Weight loss Maintainers shows that after being dropped off, extra keep moving a higher calorie loss when exertion shows than if you Do not move, so keep moving when holding your new lower weight is of great importance.

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