Which programming language is used by hackers?

As Sascha Atrops says, a hacker is not a cybercriminal.But someone who uses technology creatively and pushes boundaries, combines things that no one else combines, who creates and finds solutions to problems for which there are no solutions. It’s a creative, an artist, an engineer, a scientist, a bit crazy in a positive sense when you can’t put him in drawers.

It’s an original not a pull-off template and he’ll use what’s driving him, he’ll learn any language that helps him achieve what he wants, be it C, Assembler, English, Chinese or Morsecode.He will apply his method not only to computers, but to social problems, biology, agricultural sciences, economics, friendship, love, partnership, dealing with his cat or dog, painting pictures or making music.

Hackers are people who move the world forward.

But you probably mean crackers and cybercriminals.They can also be hackers, but they then lack ethics, which is an important aspect of the hacker. Therefore, a real hacker dismisses this group of people and says that he has nothing in common with them.

Which is not true, strictly speaking, if we leave out the stupid script kiddies and wannabes.But such beret-carriers and shawl foam bats are also available in every poetic reading, which actually do not bring any self-performance, but only want to emulate a stereotype of an artist and bask in his image and prestige and a few of the hapless Get red-haired chics into bed.

These conartists, by the way, are social hackers or can be, depending on how good they are in it.Or they are poor beings, At least I can’t understand what one of those have. Except ‘ne redheads maybe.

In any case, a fake flies up immediately in a group of real hackers, makes a belly-clapper and is only ridiculed.Outside the right circles, however, he can get everything he wants. No one outside the circles has any hint of a clue as to what we are actually doing, quite obviously, otherwise questions like this would not be asked as often.

There’s no way around hard work if you want to be a hacker.Very hard work. So life’s work, I talk about it, with white photos of my house, my wife, my car, my yacht and then a few hundred photos of computers and projects that fall out of your pocket and that you pack quickly before anyone notices. in any case. That brings us to the real question:

What programming languages does a hacker use?

You will learn a language that brings maximum success with minimal effort.Of course. Unfortunately, this is a deal that doesn’t work like that, but you as a hacker you learn that kind of language anyway. In the years of Python hype, many were and have jumped on Python, so you find Metasploit programmed as an intrusion tool for example in Python. Because this language is slow and eats up massive amounts of memory, many hackers, security experts, as well as cybercriminals have switched to Lua, as can be seen in many recent project developments, such as Snort, Nmap, and others. The latest brood of the Schadwares, which antisocially pollutes the worldwide infrastructure is now written in Lua or at least partly scripted Lua.

I never reached more
with less code
and less invested time
than in Lua

Not even in Python

only that I had to learn much less
had to be able to do much less
could do more with Lua
and that is more effective and faster
than with any language before.

in any case.That said, hey, what else to learn? ha-ha! Well, you can now Lua, use Luajit wisely (advanced Lua 5.1)

Welcome to rabbit making.Now we start with the roller coaster. It’s been a good start, but you’ll quickly realize that you can’t get any further with high-speech alone, that there’s a system underneath that you can tap excellently with Lua, but there are just things that a high-speech can’t do. So you learn the second language that is absolutely essential for a hacker: C

C is the language of the Linux kernel, the GNU environment, the language of Unix and it is, so to speak, a portable assembler.You are deep in the system there is next to nothing that C can’t do. But to work sensibly with C, you need knowledge, you need system knowledge and a toolchain, a tool bag.

You land on the shell.You choose a good shell. The best you can find is Zsh. You learn how to deal with it. You need a sensible editor and not the scrap recommended on the beginner forums. Hackers, real hackers tell you: VIM is the last editor you will learn. There’s another hacker screaming Emacs somewhere, but they stuff his mouth with tabellier paper and tip him upside down into the trash.

That keeps you a little bit of a learning now.Of course, we’re talking about you using Linux. You want to be a hacker on Windows?! Yay! Come back when you’ve done it, I’ve been waiting for thirty years to get to know one. So a Windows hacker. Didn’t have the pleasure yet. Is definitely a performance if you can do that, despite Windows. And it will be painful. But I think Nehberg also threw stones into his shoes to harden himself before the hundred-kilometer march.

Let’s say you want to keep the meat on your feet.So you choose a Linux. Big choice, lots of would-be advise you to Kali Linux, because of course this is totally hip and every “real” hacker has that. Well. Is nice, if you have one of them on a USB stick, in case of emergency and you don’t want to leave any traces, okay. But it’s pretty much not good for working.

You take something simple first, say Kubuntu, that’s mainstream, you learn the system that most people out there are driving and since that’s Debian, that’s really the biggest package base.This is a good start. Because of me, at some point your teenage years with Arch or the way you build such a system yourself is part of it as an experience, you also come back from the down, but first get to know what the others are working on and all the servers out there. Kubuntu because of Qt5/plasma as a surface, simply because that’s better than Gnome, but well, personal preferences, you can be divided about it.

Also, there is no surface that can be hacked better in a positive sense than plasma.You’re going to play on it for hours.

Ok.back. You want to be a hacker.

So you get to know the shell.These are a total of 10k installed programs with me now, which you can not get to know all, but at least a basic orientation of the most important 100 should take place. All the tools of Zsh Programming (Scripten) must work, ls, rm, touch, cat, cd, pwd, popd, pushd, ln, grep, awk, sed, split, cut, paste, fmt, indent or astyle, uniq, nl, jq, curl, pr, pv, comm, diff, patch, sort, expand, column, , killall, fg, bg, jobs, sudo, apt, dpkg, man, info , then the whole GCC (GNU C Compiler) tool chain with make, ld, ldd, ar, m4, nm, the debugger tools, gdb, gameconqueror, scanmem, intel2gas, objdump, radare2, glintercept, apitrace, strace, ltrace, oops C programs written but they do not work.

The Gnu Debugger Gdb outputs assembler code that we don’t understand, we find that there are two output types AT&T and Intel, we opt for Intel, apply all tools to it uniformly, find that the Gnu Assembler is a pitiful part of Bad excuse for assembler is that we already knew better from the times of the C64, one-pass-my-ass and there comes Nasm on top of it.

We learn the x86_64 assembler, find that everything is in the 90s and we can hardly believe anything sensible, which is modern, and we end up with a handful of people around the world who still have the view (and to whom we can make contact).

Yeah, you sit there at Nasm for a while.

Oh, cursed, we did the Clibigor!No, of course it is not possible, so let’s know the infrastructure of Linux, the whole substructure and how it works, how you can hook yourself where and how not, how the ELF file system works and is built up and how we manage to hang out there. . Yes.

Oh.clear. Metasploit. Hackers by pressing a button. Wow! We are very big! We are dangerous! Bullshit. If you do, you are a miserable script flap and everyone will smile at you. So back to the shell with you.

We take a look at what Hanno Behrens posted on Quora, Shellcode let’s check and how it works.Now we have a bit of background and slowly understand what weird stuff is, what’s there on Quora. You have to search for yourself.

How to do this, how to make it, further commands on the shell are added to the repertoire, xxd, dd, … a few more.

But you’ve already hacked a few games with the Gameconqueror and the Scanmem, cracked a few scores, taken away copyright restrictions.It’s all going quite well. And so playful it doesn’t really hurt anyone, I’m not saying you should do that, but you can’t get past it. The Tuxracer. Hack the time and automate it with Lua then.

Always go up the toolchain up to Lua until you can achieve very fast, very much, then down again, we are now slowly at a training level where you can do something with you.

What is a DATA STRUCTURE?Moment.

You haven’t learned any algorithms so far?what?

Okay, here.First the C-Bible of Kernighan & Ritchie, then the Sedgewick algorithms, unfortunately does not exist in Lua, but maybe the C version works for you, Python or pseudocode.

So you start programming.Now first?! Yeah, I thought there was no way around it. So nice, pure at Tutorialspoint, go through there, then take a trip on rosettacode and other codebases, browse around on stackexchange, make yourself a github account with Git, rework, curse you can’t SQL?!

Fucked, learn SQL!What do you want here without that? Just use SQLite when you’re already there, the others are so shit-like that they spoil every project for you, so you better do it by hand anyway. what? Can’t read HTML code?

Then there’s HTML, zack, zack, what do you want here if you can’t, Javascript right on top of it, Css take care of the design a bit, you need graphics and don’t know how?Then learn Gimp or Krita, get a graphics tablet. XML also needs and JSON doesn’t help.

Ok.Breath. We soon made a hacker out of you. Wait. Have you ever done something with hardware? Not, okay, get an Arduino, learn how to wobble with bit, combine a Raspberry Pi, combine that and start connecting the two things, buy a few modules, GPS, IMU, sensors.

Yes.Uh. Ok. Do we already have a hacker? quite. Ever done a project? You have a Github account and you can handle Git without having to look every time?Wow, you’re shit again than me. But no really. That’s what I’ve got to do for me.

You know you can install background processes on Linux with Crontab?Have you ever set up your own web server? Yes, then do it, Apache anyone can, take a little one like Lighthttpd or Nginx? to furnish. Run. Programming your own service. Ever made your own library in Linux?

You urgently need if you want to work really effectively with Lua.what? Already?

Ok.And now you want to work as a cybercriminal? And have you arrested after six months, for five years for some shit? And then have to start all over again?

You have the knowledge that every shit company out there takes you with a kiss, you can choose where you want to work and how much money you want for it.With your knowledge you now earn well and gladly 1000 Euros an hour, what more do you want to achieve as a criminal?

So, yes.

That’s kind of what a minimum hacker needs.Of course I forgot your trip into the world of LuaLaTeX and your first book, I forgot how you learn to work with IRC on the shell, how many hours you lose in chats with friends, how to surf with links or Lynx on the shell instead of with Chromium How to write your own web browser and how to download Google’s shit-time-eating AI toys and teach your raspi to recognize you on the camera.

Ok.So yes.

I think that’s the answer to your question.I hope you’re not 20 or more you can’t do it until you reach my age. I was thirteen.

Hope I could help.

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