Which places to avoid as a tourist in Moscow?

In general, Moscow feels very safe for tourists.

“Stability” and “security” have been at the center of President Putin’s promises to the nation over the past two decades.Moscow is the place where he lives and works, and he doesn’t want stupid business to take place here. Gangsters and mafia try as best they can not annoy our president.

What can be a problem for you and for us locals in Moscow, we call in Russia “badly organized crime”.It’s just unpredictable – the worst for you as a tourist or business traveler.

Bad neighborhoods

Below is the map of Moscow, which was drawn up a few years ago on the basis of a growing number of crimes.No distinction is made between the types of offences. Brown means “high crime”, blue-green means “low crime”.

Poor regions

Below you can see the map of Moscow with a high number of so-called migrant workers.

These areas may not be risky because of the migrants themselves. They are only in Moscow to earn their money and are usually closely watched by the police.

The problem is that these areas are typical of cheap housing.The old, often overcrowded apartments attract a disproportionate number of junkies and petty criminals who do not want to officially register in the city.


A police station is the last place you want to visit in Moscow.

Nor do you want to stay where you could quickly end up with the police. The police in Russia smell your panic and could try to make some money out of it.

During the post-Soviet era, the police – along with prosecutors, tax men, secret agents, and other loyal servants of our president – became a privileged class that was largely out of reach.The System of Tribute Taxation creates the constant demand to generate an income stream from those in the lower government to their superiors.

That is why it is so important for the police to measure the ability and willingness of citizens to separate themselves from their money in order to avoid trouble.It promises a long and successful career in the police force.


The party scene and club culture in Moscow is not of this world.Wealthy locals and visitors are looking for games and fun every night. Sums of money spent here on entertainment are crazy. And every night, a lot of these partygoers do stupid things. This creates a lot of opportunities for hungry men in uniforms.

If you’re part of a business, never carry drugs or anything like that around for others.If you buy something on site, it is best to consume immediately. Be especially vigilant when you enter the premises, leave and pass through the confines in and around the toilets: here you have the best chance of assaulting you. Take care of yourself and your belongings.

Or even better, don’t take drugs at all.

I would never photograph anyone else’s phone or anything like that.You never know what it’s all about with your phone, what’s going on with your fingerprints, etc. Instead, take a photo with your own phone and send it or something.

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