Which person has publicly received many compliments, but was in reality a bad person?

Mother Teresa

Many people see her as the loving nun who has saved millions of lives.

A good-for-purpose-in-persona.

While in reality many have suffered under her care.

Her image is the result of a media campaign conducted by a weakly Catholic church.

The image of the altruistic white woman who comes to save the dark people in poor India who cannot take care of themselves was eager to deduct in the west.

Physicians who investigated the 517 mission posts in 100 countries reported unsanitary conditions, poor food and a lack of painkillers.

However, not due to a lack of money, where they swam thanks to generous donations (many millions).

I think it is very beautiful when the poor accept their fate and share it with the Passion of Christ.I think the world is aided by the sufferings of the poor “

With a position like this, the lack of care can be explained.
And the bad medical care she gave you often only got after a forced repentance.

In addition, she systematically opposed women’s rights throughout her life.

You suffer as Christ on the cross.Jesus has to kiss you almost now. “

My first thought was Hitler, he was loved in his country before and while he performed his terrible atrocities.

But to tighten up a person who is now loved, I would point to Alfred Nobel. The inventor of the dynamite was so scared of how the newspapers wrote about him and the influence of his invention when they thought he had died that he decided to invest his ability after his death at a price, so that people would think of fun things like They heard his name. This is how the Nobel Prize arose.

I am thinking of our ‘ naval heroes ‘ who attacked ships and settlements of other countries.In fact, de Ruyter and Co. Were nothing more than ordinary pirates, who profited from the state of war in which the Netherlands was located.

The world is not black and white and no one is completely good or bad.But I think a good example for this question is Jimmy Savile .In life he was a beloved benefactor and activist for charities and sick children, but soon after his death he came out that he had sexually abused hundreds of children.

I wouldn’t know that to be honest.

I think many well-known people, only we may not know it yet.

Of course there have been people who we know were more behind despite their talents.The perfect example would be I think Kevin Spacey is.

Steve Jobs.

Good man.Bad character.

Seems to have been very difficult in personal intercourse.

But a brilliant brain!

Too bad Apple has gotten worse after his death….


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