Which of the new services (Moia, Clevershuttle, etc.) did you have good experiences with?

I only have experience with Clevershuttle.

These are beautiful big limousines with nice drivers, almost all young Arabs who were born here.

they have a supernavi and know each other very well.

they are paidquite well, I like that.

they are not always in rush to createmore rides.

if you need a car, you enter the descent and the destination.

The app then spits out where there is a car that could come and how long it takes to get there.

that is sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes 50 minutes.

and quite sometimes there is no.

and once the ride I had booked was suddenly gone.

this is where my little problembegins.

I have abolished the car and often take rental cars or car sharing because it is much more stress-free.

This only works with luckif I have a precise appointment.

the app also gives me the opportunity to choose whether I like to talk or not.

Or whether I like music.

I like that very much.

the price is about half of a taxi price, but increases if you drive as a couple.

Then you are not so far from the taxi price.

so I click on the rideI choose.

if I want, I can press pay and the app books that.

but I can also pay in cash.

I can also click on drink money.

until the car is there, the app shows me where the driver is and the minutes until arrival.

I know who the driver is and can callhim if what is.

if I let him wait, I get some kind of minus points.

I can ratethe ride and the driver, he can rate me.

But I only had one driver, where I had something to crove.

So I go down if it means: your car is therein two minutes.

on the way there are still surprises,because there may be a mini detour.

then there is someone else on the road and is takenaway.

that’s it.

still that: You can buy credit packages that save 10-20 percent.

so, summarized,

Advantages to taxi:

  • it is cheaper.

Very much for one person, something at two, from three not really.

  • the cars are really nice.
  • the drivers really find the way.
  • With taxis it sometimes annoys because the drivers know each other really well.

  • It’s ethically good because drivers earn sensibly
  • it is safe because you know the drivers after a while and they have ratings
  • drivers do not have to deal with bad or criminal passengers because they are also known and valued.
  • Disadvantages

    • you don’t know for surewhen you get a ride.

    Being exactly on time doesn’t work.

  • the drivers do not ring at the door, you have to stand down on time
  • one does not know exactly if other guests come and therefore the trip takeslonger.
  • they only drive within certain urban areas
  • Overall, such a shuttle service is only part of what I need, so a nice addition.

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