Which objects age the fastest?


In addition, certain types of rubbers, silicones and plastics.The glue of a glue gun can e.g. be sensitive if it is not properly applied. But I also had an MP3 player whose rubber lining on the outside after about 3 years began to sweat and eventually became sticky.

Plastic pouches and other packaging material has the same problem.

Also batteries and certain electronics can have a limited shelf life.Especially if you leave batteries in a device without using them. So I had a toy-piggy that POPs and walks around, because that was nice for my doggy. But after my doggy lost interest in it, it was a year in the closet and then it didn’t work anymore, because the battery was leaking into the device.

Furthermore, it depends a bit on the location and local weather conditions.People living near open water get faster with rusty products. People living at the sea are particularly bothered by this because the air then carries seawater with it in nebulae and this salty water makes metals rust faster. But a metal fence in a location with large temperature swimings will also go faster. For this reason, in extremely warm weather in several cities the bridges (with tram rails) are locked because the metal expands. If a bridge is open then it can happen that the bridge can no longer be closed because the metal is turned too far. So the bridge remains closed until it is cooled enough again.

As Luke Eleks says, too much technology will age fast but there it is technology for it.A new mobile or computer is already outdated once you have bought it in the store and brought it home. But they are not yet unusable. I still have computer equipment that is 20, 30 years old and still works. I have a Casio CFX-9850GB Plus at home which is now about 20 years old but still works fine.Another Casio, THE SF-R20, also works fine.This one even has an ES-650 IC card for scientific functions with its own battery-backup and even that still works fine.This device does have some wear but does it just fine after about 30 years. Outdated? Yes! Disable? Totally not.

And although computers are ageing, this does not actually apply to calculators.They are still as usable as they were in the last century, even though modern calculators can be many times more powerful. But yes, for a bit of addition and multiplication you don’t need much processing power. The same goes for clocks, alarms, radios and many other equipment. These objects only age because one always wants to have the newest of the newest…

‘, “Pretty much all the technology.The latest high-end phones (Samsung Galaxy S10 etc) are after a year already replaced by a new one. The Neiuweste smartwatches, tablets and other gadgets are already outdated before you have it.

“,” Good question,

If you see, there is from 1 to 29 June, 2 times more searched for OLED screens in compared to LCD, outside that LCD exists relatively long there is a clear difference anyway.

How fast digital technology changes in short term is not to keep up. More people have seen the light than existed for digital technology because people have access to patents, whitepapers, open publications, tools, etc. but to a toll and marbles, who could build on this (except change the appearance), and the first computer mouse?These systems are unique, and to find out roughly something else without technology or few references, this takes much more effort and will be put into use for a longer time (which makes sense).


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