Which news sites or networks do you avoid because of unreliable information?

#neuropsychologie (*)

You have to try to stop your own prejudices.

That is not easy because evolutionarily seen, the human disadvantage experienced by constantly thinking about the same deeply and coming to the same decision.

(*) interesting articles OA the Primeman is still in our head

If we can recognise our human reactions, we have already made a quantum leap forward.

The human weaknesses are exploited to turn us into something.

Often a purchase.

Social media

Google still gets 90% revenue from ads.

The search results that Google presents you will be provided by an algorithm of which we do not know anything.

An ad is worth more if an ad leads to more sales.

Facebook is essentially a marketing and sales platform, just like Google analytics we have Facebook analytics to be able to stoke precise groups of people with advertisements.

The question that one has to ask is, how does that platform deserve its money?

Do they provide qualitative and reliable information or do they have anything else?

Classic Media

This link is from today and in English (apologies) but indicates that the associations of cartoonists and journalists do know what they are.

Link: Canadian newspaper publisher cuts ties with artist behind controversial Trump cartoon

The president is angry and segt that it is no coincidence that the people behind the company do not want to offend the American president for commercial reasons.

He finds that a convincing argument to say that an oil company should not possess a newspaper.

He does not realise that this is true in the case of expansion for every commercial company.

It’s just impossible to let a marketing department run the fire out of the slippers to get ads from big companies while some editorial or cartoonist is just one of the most important advertisers.

It is a public secret that large advertisers such as car brands and real estate sellers remain crucial sources of income for magazines and newspapers.

In large scandals this comes from:

Dieselgate: Volkswagen tried to shut French newspapers with blackmail

When it comes to a deceived individual, a large advertiser can afford everything.

With the help of newspapers and magazines.

A journalist employed by a newspaper paid for his writings, which is paid for directly by the advertisers.

The ethical code says that journalists are independent (must), in practice they are content writers.

Suppose you are an advertiser and are looking for ways to get more income (giving me the chills, but soit):

MediahuisConnect-Our approach

“Native Advertising-present your message as an integrated part of the Daily News offer.”

No editor with years of experience is going to make their own windows by annoying customers of the marketing department.

Sire, there are no more journalists (for the Belgians among US:-)).


Today there is no longer any real information.Opinions (and likes) that bring people on the move. For what or for what purpose really doesn’t matter at all.

Information must be complete.

I have quoted Caiman once (same quote, the time May 31, 2019):

“The poll that made the standard and the VRT a month before the elections with a lot of Baker, must be the worst ever held, certainly the worst one ever printed.And that’s what to say. There was no miles besides, but light years. The unacceptably wide margin of error of 3 percentage points was also exceeded by half of the parties.

Strong sample of quality journalism for four weeks to grafting your news.And to be silent afterwards in all languages, as if you had not sold the readers Quatsch all the time. It has been a constant since 1991 in all elections and in all referendums, both at home and abroad: it appears that the self-proclaimed quality press has no idea of what lives in the people they notice, and has always been totally surprised by a Reality of which she had not even suspected the day before. There she mourns a fifteen minutes, her own bosom and mirror are fished out of a dusty drawer to look into, and even before the day is half past, she is as old on walking with her ivory tower Betweterij. “

What goes crazy after releasing a story afterwards write how far they were sitting next?

That is why it is being neatly said.

In addition to the opinion that the information bends with a goal, information is also held behind.


If you compare the European press with the press in other continents, it is that certain information in Europe is never covered.

Especially information that is bad because it refutes certain large stories, which unfortunately are not addressed.

So, in terms of world news, you always have to read left and right-oriented newspapers.

Plus from different countries and parts of the world.

Then you can derive information from what both tell (any differences), what the one does and the other does not.

However, there is a chance that no medium left or right publishes certain problems and stories because they all have advertisers in the same sector.

There are very few people who take the trouble to do every day again what I wrote above, gather information.

Carl Jung said: “Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge”.

In principle, you cannot trust any medium 100%.

Regardless of the unreliability of many leftist media, it is good to know what is being written.

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