Which nation has the best flag?

Thank you to Mahmut I’ldak for the request.

This, of course, is ultimately a matter of taste.But basically a flag should be distinctive, clear and simple, easily reproducible (e.g. a child should be able to paint it) and have a connection to the people and history of the country.

Here are some favorites:

United Kingdom

Simply iconic.

It is a pity that a possible consequence of Brexit could be the end of this flag. (It unites the flags or Crosses from the nations within the Kingdom, England, Scotland and (Northern) Ireland.)


Simply perfect and successful.

It can’t be better.

South Africa

A brilliant union of several flags from the history of the country of all peoples there.

It also represents the confluence of several together into one unit.


The Dannebrog is the oldest national flag in the world and the inspiration of the flags of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.


Ingeniously simple and unmistakable.


Again ingeniously simple and with reference to the history (especially heraldry) of the country: A maple leaf has always been part of the Canadian coat of arms.


An extremely unusual shape, but very successful.



Again totally simple and simple.

The Star of David and the blue stripes are related to Jewish history and tradition.


Very simple, very beautiful.


The sign originally came from the Byzantine Empire or

Constantinople. That is why the earliest Ottoman rulers called themselves Kayser-e-Rum, “Roman Emperor”.


Other flags

Here are a few flags of states, territories, cities and the like, which I find very successful.


So ugly that she’s beautiful again.

The design is from the coat of arms of the noble Calvert family that founded the colony. The largest city was named after the head of the family, Lord Baltimore.

New Mexico

The sign is an ancient sun emblem of the Zia natives of the state.

The colours represent not only desert, but also the flag of Spain.

Republic of the Republic of Venice

She breaks all the rules of me above.

But sometimes breaking the rules is the best solution.

District of Columbia

It is taken from the coat of arms of the family of George Washington.


In the end, it is only taken from the city coat of arms, but I think it is great.

Isle of Man

The flag captivated me as a child with the Triskelion in the middle.


Another unusual form.

But completely unique.

New Brunswick (Canada)

Another one that is actually against the rules.

But I just think it’s beautiful.


And now for something completely different

Here are the flags of the counties of Liberia.By far the worst flags I’ve ever seen.

Bomi County, Texas

Mwepo County, Texas

River Gee County, Texas

Lofa County, Texas

No idea what they were thinking about in the world.

Read more in this video from Hi Internet:

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