Which MS-DOS games are still worth playing anno 2019?

Hahahaha, hahaha.I am an old man, with children in the twenties and cousins who are still a lot younger.

All those young people look warm and sometimes incomprehensible and disbelieving when they come to know by chance that the only computer games I do regularly (yesterday still) are DOS games.To know Civilization I and Railroad Tycoon i. Sim City I also found nice and so there are some games that I have played for a while. Stargunner, shoot me inside.

My brother and his sons have been very busy with Clash of Clans.They have even been globally at the top with their clan, Hades ‘ Helpers, and I have played in their Clan for a year, but the fun was slow for me.

What do I want from a computer game?

  • That I can try it for free and once purchased does not require any additional investment;
  • That I can play it on my own time and completely independently of others;
  • That it works separately from the Internet;
  • That there are sufficient elements of uncertainty in order to keep it exciting and to make the outcome unpredictable to some extent;
  • That I can choose a level that suits me and that poses enough challenge to try to improve my own score every time.

That’s it.

But yes, like my father to me, I love shuffling, just alone, I don’t have to wait for others.

WOLF (1994)

In This game you play like a wolf.You can choose to be a group leader or start from below. That means you have to follow the Wolf group when they go hunting and you have to work on the social hierarchy. You can get puppies and must be on the flight for hunters. In addition, there is a whole system which works on the senses of the wolf. Smell, feel, hear. Everything so that you can find a prey and go looking for water.

Sim Farm (1993)

A bit of the farming simulator of the past.

However, this was still 2d above-view. Take care of enough animals and plates and help the emerging nearby town. Among other things, you have to make sure that your fields are adequately fertilized and that no pests live on the fields.

There appears to be an interest in playing Tetris.

An article about this is freely accessible:

Can Playing the Computer Game 芒 鈧?艙Tetris芒 鈧?Reduce the Build-Up of flashbacks for Trauma?

A Proposal from Cognitive Science

MechWarrior 3. Without a doubt.But Wing Commander also and… darn, one of those old 芒 鈧?虄steampunk芒 鈧劉 top down games芒 鈧?娄 Oh yeah, Chaos Engine. Oh and Cannon Fodder. But there are many that are just good.

Prince of Persia

The Commander Keen Series I enjoyed a lot

I can still easily rethink that we had too much fun with the pogo stick you had to jump higher.

Colossal Cave, first text adventure.


You are then God and can punish you people with earthquakes and floods.


X29 Retaliator

Commander Keen.

Battle Isle

Civilisation colonisation and of course the Elite series (Space trading game)

The Jungle Book.

You have to climb on lianas, banana shooting etc. Very nice game

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