Which mistakes of the old parties benefit the AfD the most?

Which mistakes of the old parties benefit the AfD the most?

The so-called old parties have lost sight of the people and their needs and their problems.

For decades, a policy has been being made that thinks of the problems from “top to bottom” and also solves idR.

But people want to be perceived.
Also and especially the so-called “little people”.
The poorest and the most vulnerable too.
They want to be taken seriously and not to be fed or comforted.
They and their needs should be satisfied, their problems should be solved.

It’s not to say: “There’s no money for that … “
Or: “The answer could confuse you … “

The citizens do not seem to have a lobby.
No representation of interests.

Although, for example, what is the oath of office of a federal minister?

“The oath formula of the German Federal President, Federal Chancellor and the Federal Minister by type.56 (and Art. 64) GG reads:

“I swear that I will dedicate my strength to the good of the German people, increase its usefulness, harm it, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Covenant, scrupulously fulfill my duties, and do justice against everyone.As true as God help me.””

In the oath is praised ” … for the benefit of the German people … ” to serve.
Not just the economy, not just the rich and the super-rich.

The economy, the rich, and the super-rich have a lobby.
A very well equipped and functioning lobby.
A lobby that is heard.
A lobby that gets its way politically.

Who initiated this lobby?
Who chose this lobby?
What rules or laws does this lobby submit to?
Which politicians submit to this lobby?

If the so-called old parties should start to perceive and take seriously the needs of the citizens, the problems in the Federal Republic of Germany, the facts from “bottom to top” (bottomup!), do not (only) Lobbyists left …

Then support for the AfD will decline noticeably.
This is also because satisfying the needs of the citizens, because the solution to the problems in the Federal Republic of Germany has very little to do with the so-called migration issue.

And everyone knows that.
Anyone who has common sense, anyone who is politically mature, knows that.

On lobbying:

Renate K眉nast on lobbying in the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL):

(Source News, Backgrounds & Reports | STERN.de)

“It is as if the German Farmers’ Association is holding a minister.When I became a minister, Gerd Sonnleitner was the president of the peasants at the time, I was told that we have still got every minister of agriculture down. They wanted to make me their puppet. That was a nice motivation for me. I thought we’d see, my dear.” K眉nast reports on how lobbying is going on in everyday life in Berlin. No one else in the government district speaks so openly.

“I remember the time of the BSE epidemic.I had just become a minister. Next to the ministerial room there is a meeting room with an elliptical table. I have always invited everyone: from the Animal Welfare Association to the Farmers’ Association. There were therefore huge protests from the farmers’ association. They assumed they were getting the one-on-one meeting with the minister. with me. But they didn’t get it. Today there is again. It is customary for the farmers’ association to go to the ministry and say what it wants. And it is expected that this will be done and will be fulfilled.”

Kuenast takes a sip of green tea.She thinks, says: “I have no pity for Julia Kl枚ckner. It has built up for many years as the political voice of the agro-industry. Now she is expected to deliver.”


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