Which martial art is most effective for self-defense?

There are 3 possibilities in an threatening situation, often called the 3 F’s, 2 possibilities are good, 1 is fatal:

  • Flee
  • Fight
  • Freeze

Flights is most effective.An avoided fight is a battle won.

Fighting is only a solution in situations that cannot be prevented:

Krav Maga is quite effective, it is completely focused on defending threats, this can be a strangging, a threat with a knife or even a gun.

I have practiced Krav Maga for more than 1 year, and in my experience there is also 1 big disadvantage to Krav Maga.It is worthless without basic technique. I regularly trained with people who could give bumping with the flat hand or no good stairs. It is therefore advisable to manage at least the basis of, for example, kickboxing.

And is especially not overconfident, if you see a trained fighter standing in front of you who will arrive and act on your stairs or shot of miles.Krav Maga can be a last resort in a situation where you do not want to come in and try to avoid it.

Freezing is the last possibility.In This case, you are handed over to your opponent. This is the only outcome you should try to avoid. Though it is never to predict how someone responds when the dangerous situation actually occurs.

Self-defense in what sense?Unwound get away? Run or learn to talk well. What are your preferences? There is no martial arts the best, it lies to the practitioner. Many martial arts work according to competition rules. However, a street fight does not follow any rule and no martial arts can actually prepare you for the random of a real fight.

But to deal with the stress of a real battle to learn, full contact Spruce is an important part.Aikido is quite effective with their many clamps and throws in the gym. But most of their spruce never and learn so never cope with the stress and be overwhelmed.

If you want to do a martial arts, do the one that appeals to you most.MMA is pretty allround, but too much focus on BJJ, which can work great against 1 person without friends, but when there are several people you offer your head as football when you go to the ground.

Different situations require different reactions.When it comes to fighting, always assume that you are not going to get unwound.

Krav Maga is one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense.

It is a self-defense system based on natural reactions.For example, when an object (a fist) approaches to head height quickly, the natural reaction is that you bring your hands to it.

The technique (see link below) that belongs to Krav Maga is therefore based on this.There is a purely focused focus on disabling the hazard and getting away as soon as possible.

I know this because my father is co-owner of Krav Maga Noord-Holland, with more than 1000 members being one of the largest schools in the world.

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